Discussion :: Homeschool Planning

Have you started making plans yet for your new homeschool year?     Normally, we school year round only taking a month off during the summer. But this year, we’ve taken a longer break than usual over the summer months due to camps, vacation plans, and family schedules. We are planning on starting back by […]

Testing Time Flutters

We’re gearing up for our annual standardized testing. Just the thought makes my stomach have a little fluttery feeling. It feels like when I was a teenager and my friends and I would drive our cars over “thrill hill” just fast enough for the flutters, but so fast we’d get in trouble with the neighbors. […]

Do you celebrate Columbus Day in your homeschool?

In elementary school, I learned a little poem that I’ve remembered since.   In August 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. October 12th they sighted land, And set their feet upon new sand. There were lots of other facts regarding Christopher Columbus’ adventures and questions raised throughout my school years about whether Columbus thought the […]

Lessons with Legos

Whenever Little Buddy gets a dollar, it is immediately burning a hole in his pocket to go buy the latest Lego he’s been eying. From the boxes full of 100s of bricks to the Star Wars sets with more bricks than I could ever imagine and his Mindstorms, he loves them all. He loves them […]

Summer Schedules

  Last summer, we took about two or three weeks off as our summer break as we finished second grade and went into third. That gave me time to finalize all of the reports for our permanent records, clear away items that we wouldn’t be using for our third grade year and getting all of […]

Homeschool Testing

  It’s testing season in most school systems across the nation and depending on the state requirements, many homeschools are not exempt from providing standardized testing for their children. Standardized testing can actually be a fairly hot topic in many homeschooling circles. My small town is no exception to that either. While we live in […]

A Break and Permission to Enjoy It

Our Christmas break was just exactly what we both needed. I thought we’d both be bored beyond words by the week before Christmas, but we weren’t. I thought I’d be in the school room every few days tidying up and preparing for our return in January, but I haven’t. I thought we’d take tons of […]

Third Grade

This week was a huge milestone. It marked Little Buddy’s first week of third grade and the first week of our second year homeschooling. It was quiet honestly a pretty big deal around these parts.  I knew we had a ton of wonderful stuff to cover this year and we were both excited to begin. […]

Considering Homeschooling? 5 Tips from Our First Year

Are you considering homeschooling? If so, I have just a few tips to share with you from our experience. Tip 1. Summer break is perfect time to start. We began our homeschooling journey the summer between Little Buddy’s first and second grade year. This gives you a great introduction to homeschooling while reducing any of […]