RVing Family Time

One of my favorite things about RVing has to be the quality family time. By now, you all probably know that my family loves to head out as often as possible for RVing trips. Sometimes that means we’re just heading out for a quick weekend trip with just the three of us, but my favorite […]

The Best Traveling Apps for RVing

If you didn’t already know, my family loves to camp and RV. For over 15 years now, my husband and I have taken just about every possible opportunity we could take to hit the road in our RV. It is truly one of our favorite activities as a family.     And since over the […]

Pit Stop

“Your on fire,” came over the radio as we left Charlotte on our way up the road. We both looked into the rear camera to watch the front tire of our tow vehicle rolling off and down through the guardrail and into the ditch on the side of the interstate. The smoke was what my […]

Heading West

  What is it about planning a trip? My wanderlust tendencies grow stronger at just the mention of a trip and as I start planning – fuhgeddaboudit. I might as well declare myself useless in all other major projects. I become smitten with the entire process of planning and preparing and then drive everyone batty […]

Crater of Diamonds

My family loves to pack up our RV and hit the road on an adventure to see parts of America we’ve not yet seen and show our son many of our favorite areas of the US. Some of our trips we plan for months, even a year in advance, while others we just decide to […]

National Parks: A Treasure

Our national parks are such an amazing treasure that my family always enjoys exploring when we travel. Whenever we are planning a trip, I visit the National Parks Service website to help plan our itinerary for visits to lighthouses, forts, presidential libraries, as well as the national parks.   For years, we’ve visited as many […]

Road Trip :: Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Have you ever visited somewhere and wondered how many other people had stood in this same spot before you? What were their lives like? What did they think when they saw this amazing place? When we visited Taos, New Mexico, one of the sites we wanted to see was the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. As […]