Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know my little family of three couldn’t be more excited that the holiday weekend has arrived. It signals all sorts of great things! First and foremost in Sam’s mind is that the water at the lake will be warm enough for lots of wakeboarding, tubing and swimming. It also signals…

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Mother’s Day Mixer times TWO Giveaway Winner!


I loved reading all the sweet, heartwarming comments for our Mother’s Day giveaway. If you want to hear inspiring stories of the impact Mothers’ lives have on others, please read these comments. Congratulations to Sharon, comment #732! Hope you and your daughter enjoy these mixers. “My grandmother was the most positive influence on my life….

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My Favorite Waffle Maker Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to Annette Bland, comment #382. Waffles topped with fresh strawberries & whipped cream. Crispy bacon & a cup of coffee. On a busy night of children’s activities this also is a yummy breakfast for dinner! Did you notice those 5 Minute Buttermilk Biscuits that I shared earlier? Let me just tell you, you need…

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Knife Set Giveaway Winner!!!

I’ve loved reading about everyone’s favorite kitchen tools over the last couple of days! From wooden spoons, cast iron skillets, mixers, and zesters, you all definitely have some great ones! Congratulations to Jeff Bigelow, comment #341. Here’s what he shared about his favorite kitchen tool: “My favorite is a 10″ cast iron deep pan. Originally…

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Slow Cooker Giveaway Winners!!!


Congratulations to our two winners! Cindy Gibbs, comment # 696 said: “My favorite is chicken and dumplings!” Maria Thompson, comment #462 said: “I  love chili and cornbread or chicken alfredo pasta for a cold weather hot meal.” And now, I’m craving chicken and dumplings, chili and cornbread and chicken alfredo! Yum! Hope you all are…

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Slow Cooker Giveaway


  As I’m cleaning out cabinets, clearing out the clutter and tidying up around the house this past week, I’ve come to realize (once again) that there are some items that just take up more space than they are worth. Like that 5,945th chip and dip bowl set that we received as a wedding present that…

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Thankful for You!


Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take just a few minutes to let you know that I am so thankful for you guys! Every morning, I wake up looking forward to reading emails, comments, and messages from y’all, seeing what you’ve made, answering questions, and chatting electronically with you. You guys are my “online family” and I can’t…

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