Daily Grams

daily grams


It is always refreshing to find homeschooling materials that your child looks forward to doing each morning. I remember talking with a “seasoned” homeschooler before we began homeschooling. I visited with her for an entire morning to watch her family in action as they did their school work that morning. It was like watching a well-oiled machine work as she methodically worked with each child, beginning with the youngest and ending with reviewing the work of the oldest. As for me, I was quickly taking notes as I watched. The type of book case, dry erase boards, organizational systems, book lists, and curriculum used by grade.

One thing stood out for each of her four children. She used Daily Grams with each of them and they all loved it!

Okay, with four children of various ages, that sounded like a winner to me.

I knew I needed to be sure to include that on my curriculum list for Little Buddy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice that first year. I didn’t begin using Daily Grams until last year and wish that I could go back in time to have used them for our second grade year. They are fabulous!


Each day before as we begin our language arts lessons, we start out with Daily Grams. It is a wonderful way to get the grammar juices flowing and allows my son to work independently for grammar review on a daily basis.


I appreciate the reinforcement to our English and Grammar lessons and will definitely continue to include Daily Grams in our curriculum for the future.