Special Days :: Apple Day and The Light Bulb

Today we’re celebrating two special days in our homeschool – Apple Day and the invention of the light bulb.

Haven’t heard of apple day? Don’t worry, I’d not heard of it either until recently. According to what I’ve read, apple day began in 1990 in London as a day to celebrate apples and apple orchards and has grown into an annual event celebrated the weekend closest to October 21st. But we’ll stick with celebrating it today and most likely will continue our tribute to one of our favorite fruits on through the weekend. It really deserves more than a day.

For our apple day celebration today though, we’ll be enjoying biscuits with apple butter, spiced caramel apple dip, apple cider, and a trip up to our apple trees to see if there are any left to pick.

We’re also reading one of our favorites from when Little Buddy was younger, The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.

There is so much to learn from that book. It’s absolutely one of my favorites.

I’m still thinking of how we can celebrate the birthday of the light bulb in a fun and creative way. I read about this experiment to create your own light bulb and think we’ll have to give it a try. It just sounds like too much fun to pass up on this special day!

I enjoy adding special “days” into our homeschool routines to keep things interesting and lively. Otherwise, I know I could easily get lost in just checking off work on our daily planners. And that just sounds absolutely boring.

What do you do to keep your homeschooling days interesting? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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