Cardboard Boat Races, Puppy Dogs, and Mother’s Day {Mingle Monday}

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Didn’t it seem to fly by?

Our weekend started at the lake for Little Buddy to participate with his cousins in a cardboard boat regatta to benefit the local animal shelter. This was their fourth year competing and I have to say it is one of the funniest events I have ever seen. Boats of all shapes and sizes, competitors of all ages, spectators boisterously cheering on their favorite teams, boats that smoked and boat that sunk.

I’m still in the process of looking through the gazillion +1 photos that I took from the day and can’t wait to show you later this week.


But let’s just say, this little sweetheart had a great time, too.

He was one more loved on pup Saturday.

Everyone that came by our boat had to stop and pet him and scratch behind his ears.


Which left him looking like this most of the day.

I have to say, I think I had a similar expression yesterday after being one more loved on Mama.

Hope you were, too.



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    • 2

      Robyn says

      Thanks so much, Renee. It definitely is a fun day and a great benefit. Such a great cause. I believe they said there were about 2,000 people and they raised over $20,000.

    • 4

      Robyn says

      I’ll go tell him that you love him. He loves to hear that. He’s a sweetheart and definitely starting to lose some of his puppy wildness – well, except for the digging and stealing newspapers.

    • 6

      Robyn says

      Thanks so much, Jenny. We always love the cardboard boat regatta each year. Hope your Mother’s Day was great.

  1. 7


    I just love the close up shot of your pup!!! Too cute!!! And that boat race sounds like so much fun for the boys and the animal shelter!

    • 8

      Robyn says

      I had to watch him so that he didn’t lick my lens. He loves to nose around when I have my camera. But he also loves to pose for me. :) Everyone has a blast at the boat regatta each year. Such a fun event and for a great cause.

  2. 15


    Robyn! He is the cutest. And I can’t wait to see those cardboard boat pictures. Hank is very interested in how that works.


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