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Organizers for Every Room

Forget spring cleaning. As soon as I pack away all of my Christmas decorations, I’m ready to start organizing every space in my house! It was the topic of my post featured on Houzz this month that I think you’ll love, too!


Organized Living :: Establish Routines

I’m so excited about this week’s Organized Living! Have you ever gone to bed at night and wondered what in the world you accomplished? You know you’ve at least answered all of the phone calls throughout the day. You think you’ve gotten to all of your text messages and may have even scratched the surface read more »


Organized Living :: Tips and Tricks :: Grab and Go

Welcome to another week in our Organized Living series where we’re sharing all about getting a bit more organized. We’ve covered a lot in the past three weeks and I am certainly enjoying hearing about your projects, tips and tricks, too! So far, we’ve discussed: Home Information Center and How to Establish One in Your read more »


Organized Living :: Creating a Family Calendar

Earlier we talked about Organizing Your Day. Now let’s go one step further and discuss creating a family calendar. You can create as simple or complex of a system for your family calendar as you would like. However, I’ve found that the simpler the system, the more my family utilizes it. Here are a few read more »


Organized Living :: Organizing Children’s Artwork

Have your child’s precious art projects overtaken your home? Do you have every worksheet your child has ever completed? Hanging on to stacks after stacks of pictures your child has colored for you in fear of hurting their feelings if you throw one away? If you are like me, you want to keep everything that read more »


Organized Living :: Tips, Tricks and Your Projects

I am thrilled about the new Organized Living series here on my blog. It got off to a fantastic start last week with the post on my home information center and how to establish one in your own home. I’ll be providing information on organized living throughout the week, but each Tuesday will be reserved read more »