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For the past two years, I’ve heard rave reviews of Downton Abbey, on PBS. It definitely looked like a show I would love, but I was dead set against falling in love with another show that I’d pine for when one season ended until the other.

As a matter of fact, we’ve just succumbed to The Big Bang Theory obsession for just that reason. It’s nice to be able to turn on the television and watch endless episodes from years past in one sitting and know that the next day, our DVR will have two or three more episodes we’ve not seen before.

Last week, during the little bit of the Emmy’s that I did watch, Downton Abbey took home awards, which definitely piqued my interest even more. So, like any blogger would do, I turned to Twitter to ask for advice on whether or not it was as good as all the hype. My twitter feed became flooded with praise, recommendations, and Twitter friends telling me to “run not walk to Downton Abbey.”

Well, I’m definitely late to the Downton Abbey party, but am quickly making up for lost time. You just don’t hear recommendations like that for a television show very often.

I started with Season 1, Episode 1 via our Netflix instant watch service (or whatever it’s called) and as soon as that episode was over couldn’t wait to start the next, and then the next, and the next. I was addicted!

I held my very own Downton Abbey marathon through Season 1 and am now digging into Season 2 like my life depends on it. For Season 2, I’m watching the episodes via iTunes.


With each episode, I love the characters even more than I would have ever thought possible, with the exception of O’Brien and Thomas – obviously. I think I cheered at 1 o’clock in the morning when I saw William deck Thomas in the final episode of Season 1.

It was a wonderful  moment. Not that I’m into punching folks in the face or anything, but that Thomas sure had it coming.

But honestly, could the casting have been any better? And the writing? And the story? It is absolutely delicious.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Downton Abbey has now taken over any time I’d previously allotted to RHONJ or their Real Housewives sisters. My mind immediately feels better!

Downton Abbey Season 3 has already started in the UK, but will begin in the US on January 6, 2013.

Let me tell you – I am counting the days!

Now, I just need to pace myself better with Season 2 until then!

Do you watch Downton Abbey? Who is your favorite character and who do you love to hate?


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    Isn’t it spectacular? I love it so much and can’t wait for Season 3 to start. The news was just released that Julian Fellowes is working on writing a prequel about how the Lord and Lady met and married :) So we have lots of goodness ahead of us. My friend Jen and I even started a show on YouTube because of this — Picture Shows & Petticoats. We discuss our love of costume dramas there.

    Enjoy Season 2!

  2. 5


    I’m so glad you took our suggestions literally and jumped in to your own marathon. It’s it GOOD! Don’t forget, there is a Christmas 2hr (3?) special that aired after Season 2 finished. It is a MUST watch as many important things happen. My fave episode so far.

    • 6


      If you could see the shadows underneath my eyes each morning this week, you’d tell me to slow down a bit on my marathon. I am definitely going to have to watch the Christmas special. If it was your favorite, then I know it has to be amazing!!! Thanks so much for the recommendation, Aimee. You were one of the ones that made me jump on in with both feet!

  3. 7

    Kim in Nebraska says

    I am with you on this one. I just watched the last two seasons & cannot wait until season 3 starts. I love this show! I believe season 3 is already showing in England, lucky people. :)

  4. 10


    Um yeah, you have to watch the Christmas special, it’s not an on-the-side type of random special, it’s really the ending of Season 2 so make sure you watch! Love that show and can’t wait for season 3, January can’t come soon enough!!

  5. 12


    itunes, huh? Thanks for that. I was completely hooked after season 1 and only got to see 1 episode of season 2 before I could no longer find them. Guess you know where you can find me now…watching season 2 on itunes! LOL

  6. 13


    I am not a big TV watcher but I LOVE Downton Abbey! We can’t get enough and like everyone else, can’t WAIT to see Season 3. I will probably have to wait and get it at Netflix though so I don’t have to watch one at a time. :-) Wait a week in between?? Not happenin’.

  7. 14


    I’m one of the lucky people in the UK who is already full-swing into season three! Every Sunday a group of us students meet up for ‘Downton Downtime’ to satisfy our addiction to it. I think you’ll enjoy the third season – it’s just as awesome as the first two!

  8. 16


    I was the same as you, just watching the first season of Downton a few months ago. Followed by some late night viewing of season 2 and since I couldn’t wait until January for season 3 to air here in America, I found season 3 and have posted all 5 episodes on my blog! Yep, I’m addicted to!!

  9. 17


    Yep, I am an addict too! I am trying to get my family in on it, but they are being difficult. I finally gave my mom and sister a copy of the first season, so we will see. I guarantee they will be giving me thankful kisses when they finally savor this awesome show!

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