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You know how when you are shopping at your grocery store and all of the produce looks absolutely amazing, so you fill up your grocery cart with all sorts of goodies? Then, you get home and the produce you thought looked the best you’ve ever seen isn’t nearly as appetizing at first bite? I’ve struggled with this issue for years. I never knew if my fruits and vegetables were at their peak of seasonal freshness, especially if they were coming from different parts of the world. It wasn’t like I could take a bite of the apple or slice open the melon to taste them for freshness. Although, believe me, I’ve considered it a time or two.


Through the years, I’ve learned a few tricks from the produce manager of my grocery store, as well as from asking growers during our local farmers’ market days during the summer. Like, when testing to see if a watermelon is ripe, the heavier ones are usually the most ripe since watermelons are made up of a great deal of water. You can also test them by tapping or thumping on the watermelon. If it sounds hollow, it most likely is ripe for slicing.

.   strawberries-DSC_1939   There are a few other tricks I’ve learned, like knowing which fruits and vegetables are in season locally, but in reality, I hate having to walk through the store thumping and tapping, weighing and sniffing. I’d much rather just be able to trust that someone else has done all of these tests for me before the items were added to the store. So, when I heard about how FreshDirect has experts who test all of the produce everyday and provides a grade based on a 5-star freshness rating, I knew they were definitely after my heart!   starratingguide

You can feel comfortable knowing that the apple rated as a 4 on their rating system when you order, will arrive the next day juicy and delicious. Also, if the product is out of season, you’ll see an out of season message that alerts you to that fact! Just check out this video that highlights the lengths they go through for bringing their customers the very best.


When I visited their website, I just fell in love. Geniusly  developed, their website offers a feature-rich experience that definitely guides you through your choices in an easy to use fashion. They even offer the ability to place and track your orders through mobile internet and apps, making it even easier to get your shopping done while on the go. The ability to order fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, along with all of my other groceries and have them delivered to my doorstep sounds like a dream come true. Since FreshDirect grades all of their produce using their 5-star freshness ratings, you are able to know how good each item is in any given time. Satisfaction guaranteed! But, in the event that you have questions or need assistance, they also offer customer service every hour of every day of the year (24/7/365)! Perfect for those late night orders or holidays if you have questions! And, there are no penalties for altering or changing your order before delivery!


Right now, I’ve been eyeing their melons, tomatoes, organic leafy greens like kale and collards, citrus, and asparagus, as these items are rating as some of their highest fruits and vegetables at the moment. Since my family uses a great deal of grapes and strawberries in our smoothies and mushrooms in our everyday cooking, I always look for the freshest of these ingredients for my family. Then, I realized that FreshDirect doesn’t currently deliver into my area. Not surprising since we aren’t exactly in a metropolitan area, but you better believe I signed up for an alert so I know the minute they begin delivering here. When you hear a loud, “hallelujah!” you’ll know they’ve started. I’m excited about the service that FreshDirect provides to its customers. The ability to trust the quality of products I feed my family is a huge issue for me. Through use of local farmers, FreshDirect keeps travel time to a minimum while delivering at the best possible prices. Is FreshDirect’s service available where you are? If so, can you tell your FreshDirect guy (or girl) I said to please head my way soon?


Want to try FreshDirect yourself? Leave a comment below sharing your product-shopping tricks and tips to finding the freshest, quality food for the chance to win a $100 FreshDirect gift card, or if you are outside the delivery area you can choose a $100 Visa gift card.


Visit to learn more about their star rated produce so that you know what is fresh and in season, the great lengths they go through to source the very best food, and how customizable your order can be from deli slices and dietary needs to how and when you want your delivery!


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  1. 204

    carmen says

    To find the freshest, quality food, I try to pick up new produce frequently and make sure I use it up quickly at home. My fridge is well organized to make sure nothing goes to waste!

  2. 205

    Laurie Emerson says

    My tip is to know your seasonal fruits well before you buy them as well as do a little research on where they are coming from. It has helped me so many times not to buy hard peaches or melons which are past the peak of the freshest.

  3. 208

    Bridget Vanover says

    I always choose my produce by feeling it and smelling it. If its firm and smells normal than its good.

  4. 209

    Nancy says

    I shop the farmers market six months of the year. I also live in a Mennonite area that has stores that carry lots of fresh and healthy foods.

  5. 212


    If you must buy your foods in an actual supermarket, go for the organic varieties or local varieties first. Local will be freshest with organic being 2nd best. IF you can find local and organic, grab it!

  6. 216

    Tabathia B says

    I ask when they put out fresh produce or shop when they start a new sale and sometimes get them from Sams where it’s always fresh

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. 225

    Sarah L says

    I learned that FreshDirect doesn’t currently deliver into my area. Our Farmer’s markets won’t open until next month – I’ll be there when they do.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. 228

    Carolyn Daley says

    Unfortunately, Fresh Direct does not deliver to my area yet. I typed in my zip code & it said they do not deliver in my area yet. For fresh produce, we eat fresh mangoes from my grandmother’s tree every summer, plant tomatoes, and buy fresh fruit early in the mornings.

  9. 229

    Jason says

    I usually find the best fresh food by feeling them, how they look and getting them from the top or back of the pile.

  10. 234


    My main tip/trick is SHOP LOCAL! I love going to my saturday morning farmer’s market and STOCKING up on some serious veggies and fruits. The best stuff comes from them! Plus the atmosphere is amazing, can’t beat it!

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