Pinterest Rule of Thirds {Mingle Monday}

PInterest Rule of Thirds
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Welcome back to Mingle Monday!

Are y’all as addicted to Pinterest as I am?

I sit down to visit my Pinterest world at least once during the day and then realize that so much time has past since I first sat down.

One thing that I’ve learned is that this world is full of amazing, talented, crafty, gorgeous, organized, healthy, smart, and very clean and tidy people!

I also noticed something else while visiting my happy place in Pinterest, I needed to have balance.

You see, I found myself constantly pinning away tons of chocolate pins, peanut butter and chocolate, gorgeous decorated cookies that I couldn’t pull off in a million years, and cakes like you wouldn’t believe.

So, I did what any normal woman would do, I hopped over and pinned a few exercise pins.

You know, cause it totally counteracts all the cookies and cakes I’d just pinned.

Don’t ya think?

I call it my Pinterest Rule of Thirds.

If you ever catch me slipping up, rein me in a bit so that all my sugar pinning stays in balance.

If you are loving Pinterest too, please share your user link in the comments so that I can make sure to follow you, too.

It’s such an awesome world over there and I definitely want to live it with ya!



Mingle Monday


Are you ready to mingle?

You’re welcome to share a favorite thing you’ve made – craft, sweet treat, meal, photograph, or even decor.

I look forward to seeing all you’ve made!

How to participate {Easy as 1-2-3!} :

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3. Select the photo you wish to link to your site and include the title of what you are sharing!

Add a Pinch is family-friendly, so please be sure the links you are sharing are as well. I reserve the right to delete any links as I determine necessary.



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    • 2

      Robyn says

      Love those Carrot Cake Donuts! Thank you so much for sharing them with us this week in Mingle Monday! Love your Pinterest boards too, girl!

    • 8

      Robyn says

      What a great way to think about it! I feel much better now. Thanks for always sharing such deliciousness for Mingle Monday. You always have me drooling!

  1. 15


    What a great (and funny!) rule! I often think I should follow that on the blog, too (i.e. one veggie recipe for every 2 dessert recipes – today is a veggie day after desserts all last week!). I’m not on Pinterest yet, but I’m thisclose to giving in!

  2. 18


    That totally evens it out! I’ve had to stop myself from pinning all of the beautiful desserts in the world. I’ve decided to only pin the recipes that I actually want to make. Still, my recipe boxes are overflowing.

  3. 19


    Love your rule. I may have to adopt it. I find way too many sweet things to make on the web and not nearly enough veggie dishes. Probably I am not looking in the right places. I recently subscribed to your blog by email, and this is my first time at your party. I see some great links to check out. Today I bring Slow Cooked Ranch Pork Roast. Thanks for hosting. I will be back.


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