Planes, Planes, Planes {Mingle Monday}

Thanks so much for all the well wishes this past week for our yucks! Thankfully, we recovered from those, sanitized and fumigated, and then we did what any normal people would do. We hit the road.

We started our Spring Break a little bit early, loaded up the RV, and headed to Florida for the ending of Sun-n-Fun, an annual airshow and gathering of airplane folks.

It was hot.

There were tons of people.

There were lots of airplanes.

And we had a blast!


I always vacillate between which airplane I like the most. Each year I throw a new one in there just to keep my husband guessing. But, I know his true love – the Stearman.  Hopefully one day he can add another one to the hangar like we had when Little Buddy was too young to appreciate the open air flights nearly every evening the weather permitted. {Remind me to show you one of my very favorite photos of all time.}

Until then, I’ll keep throwing him for a little loop by naming off oddball airplanes that are my new favorite.


Mingle Monday

Are you ready to mingle? You’re welcome to share a favorite thing you’ve made – craft, sweet treat, meal, photograph, or even decor. I look forward to seeing all you’ve made!


How to participate {Easy as 1-2-3!} :

1. If you have a blog, simply add the permalink to your post. Do not add the link to the homepage of your website. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry, add a link from your Facebook page, Instagram, or Flickr of your photograph.

2. Include a link in your post to to share all of the great ideas linked up with your readers, if you have a blog.

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NOTE: Due to Easter holidays, Mingle Monday will resume Sunday, April 15th. Have a great Easter!


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    Wow! A fellow Aviator and Blogger! My first love is flying! I miss being up in the air and would love to get back into it… time and money allowing. I first started flying at age 16 and went on to several years as a flight instructor and corporate pilot. Now, someone has to stay home with the kiddo. And lets face it, the pay stinks!
    Beautiful pictures! Have a great week!

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    I am glad to hear you were able to get away and enjoy the sunshine!!! Your pics are awesome!!! My sister took flying lessons in college so it was neat to see your pics!!! Have a great week!!!


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