Spring Cleaning Essentials

It is always time for a little cleaning around my house and I’m sharing a few of my spring cleaning essentials that make the chore a little bit easier.

Spring Cleaning Essentials | ©addapinch.com

1. White Vinegar  2. Dyson Vacuum 3. Dyson Animal Grooming Attachment

4. Bar Keepers Friends 5. Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning 

6. Steam Mop

7. Trash Can 8. Extendable Pole Cleaning System


Spring cleaning was actually the topic of my Houzz Ideabook for February. You might enjoy taking a look at some of the additional items and alternate products I’ve included over there, too.

What are some of your spring cleaning essentials? I’d sure love to know.

Robyn xo


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    Michelle T. says

    I’ve looked at that Mrs. Meyers cleaner, but never bought it. I’ll have to pick some up the next time I’m out.

    I like to use Windex Antibacterial Multipurpose Cleaner in the lemon scent.

  2. 2


    I love the Bar Keepers, Heinz Vinegar, Clorox Bleach is also a must. Being a former nurse you learn the importance of bleach so I use bleach in everything. I wash windows with the vinegar, there is nothing better. I use the Bar Keepers in my stainless steel sink to keep it beautiful and would love to have the pet grooming attachment and a steam mop would make my dreams come true. The trash can I am so in need of mine is going on I know 21 years it has been here as long as I have been in this house! It is plastic but I keep it in the pantry so no one really sees it. I love this one you have. All these cleaning things are fantastic. I would love to have the Oreck also since they weigh less I have been on a 10lb weight limit since I went on disability after my surgery healed finally from 2008. Now that I live alone this would be such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for having it.

  3. 3


    I love Bar Keepers’ Friend – that stuff is amazing! I really love Method cleaning products, especially their window and bathroom cleaners. It makes my home smell so fresh! And their kitchen cleaner is wonderful too – it does a great job on my kitchen counters!

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