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I am so excited to share about this cookbook with you! It is the first cookbook by my friend Amanda of I Am Baker. She always has gorgeous cakes and other baked goods on her blog, but a couple of years ago, she started making cakes with a little surprise in each one. They seriously took the internet by storm.

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Her cookbook, Surprise Inside Cakes, released this past week and has already made it to the number one spot under hot new release in baking under cookbooks on Amazon. I couldn’t be prouder of her! Her creativity is inspiring and her book makes making what I would think impossible seem very approachable.

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Like this butterfly cake! Oh my stars it is adorable. Can’t you imagine it for a little girl’s birthday party or even a baby shower for a soon-to-be-mama who knows she’s have a little baby girl? It would be absolutely precious!

Surprise Inside Cakes | ©

And this Oreo cake! Heavens! I think this might be in my very, very, very, very near future. As in this afternoon! HA! I love how the cream filling of the Oreos looks like ribbon woven into the inside of the cake! This is the perfect cake for the chocolate cake lover and Oreo lover alike. Perfection!

Surprise Inside Cakes | ©

And as much as I try to hide under the covers to avoid telemarketing calls when election time rolls around, knowing that a cake as cute as this one is possible for election day sure would put a little bit more cheer in the whole occasion for me.

Surprise Inside Cakes | ©

But seriously, I feel in love with this rainbow heart cake the minute that I saw the cover of the book a while back. It is perfect in every single way.

Amanda’s cookbook allows you to choose which level you’d like to try as well. From easy to expert, she makes sure you can choose the best cake for your your skill level and grow with the book.

But, I don’t want to just tease you about her book being so beautiful and wonderful. I want to share it with you! I’m giving away three copies to members of the Add a Pinch family. Here’s how you enter.

Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite cake.

Congratulations to Heather (#15), Pam McG (#80), and Deanne (#106).

Just one entry per person, please. This giveaway ends Monday, March 17th at 11:59 PM Eastern. The winner will be announced sometime on Tuesday.


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  1. 114

    Georgette Pearce says

    I love your Southern Caramel cake! Made it for my co-workers and had to take leftover frosting to a couple of them to eat it with a spoon! I was pretty popular!

  2. 119

    Leslie Kiley says

    What a beautiful book! I have always wanted to try these fun creative cakes but wanted to be sure it would turn out right. This book could help. My favorite cake is a chocolate sour cream cake my daughter makes and fills with mint whipped cream. so rich but also light and refreshing. Well, the truth is I have not met a cake I didn’t like.

  3. 122

    Simone says

    Even though I am a chocolate person, I have to say that I love a good carrot cake (no raisins!!). There is something about the flavor or spices and cream cheese frosting that makes me not even care there is no chocolate!

  4. 123

    Michelle Varner-Smith says

    There is nothing better than a great pound cake. My favorite is the buttermilk poundcake with buttermilk glaze!

  5. 124

    Lisa Allen says

    Cake is one of my absolute favorite indulgent desserts, with the irresistible fluffy texture and rich frosting (or icing, glaze, or even plain!). My loving grandmother (who is at peace) would make a golden butter cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday every year. Though I love just about every cake under the sun, that one remains my favorite, and with special memories. <3

  6. 125


    My fav cake? That is so hard. I mean I adore Carrot Cake. I also love my moms Italian Cream Cake. But then there’s the famous Coca Cola Cake or the Dr Pepper Cake. And who doesn’t love a good Rocky Road Cake? And ofcourse I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the good old classic Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge icing. Can you tell that I just LOVE cake??? LOL. Thanks for the opportunity and I wish the best of luck to everyone. God bless.

  7. 128

    Jennifer says

    My favorite is a chocolate cake. I made it for my daughter’s coaches groom’s cake and people were literally stealing off of the server’s trays before they could serve it!

  8. 135

    Marc says

    I have two favorite cakes. A carrot cake with pecans and pineapple and a chocolate pound cake that is so moist, usually chocolate pound cakes are dry or at least the ones I have eaten.

  9. 136

    Robert Myers says

    My favorite cake is hard to narrow down… but one I can’t seem to pass up is Italian Cream Cake made with buttermilk, real coconut, pecans, and of course cream cheese frosting!

  10. 137

    Andrea says

    My mom’s homemade red velvet cake is my favorite. She has been making it every year since I was a child on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It has a peculiar flavor that you taste for and “you know it when you know it” and no one else can make it like my mama.

  11. 138

    Charlyn says

    It is really hard to pick a favorite but I think my favorite right now is actually plain old carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

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