Top Chef :: Sushi and Fried Chicken

This week’s Top Chef was another fun nail biter.
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First, the show started with the weekly quickfire challenge where contestants quickly create a dish based on a theme.

If you enjoy sushi then the quickfire challenge was definitely for you. Master Sushi Chef, Katsuya Uechi of Los Angeles came to Seattle to judge the quickfire challenge and give the contestants sushi-making tips. Since I’m not a huge sushi fan, I wasn’t really able to have an educated opinion on this challenge, but Stefan’s sushi dish of yellow tail with shitake mushrooms did sound delicious and won him this week’s challenge.

But then, we get started with one of my favorite dishes of all time – fried chicken.

Watching each of the contestants prepare their take on fried chicken really was interesting. There is nothing as delicious as a well-prepared fried chicken. That first bite as your teeth sinks through the crispy outside and you get a burst of juicy flavor really is hard to beat. So watching the various chefs decide how to prepare one of the most classic dishes was nerve-wracking in the least.

Some of the chefs became a bit frazzled and missed the mark in my opinion. I don’t believe I would ever order fried chicken cordon bleu and if the fried chicken is way too greasy it just isn’t appetizing at all.

But I can’t wait to make Josh’s Smoked Fried Chicken dish. He added buffalo sauce and blue cheese that I know would be perfect for game day! I was drooling over it long before they announced his win. The win was definitely deserved in my opinion!

Some tips that the celebrity chefs shared on great fried chicken:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. You need the bones for flavor
  3. Don’t overthink it

But, I have to tell you. Since so many of the contestants were afraid of frying the chicken, they could have easily just made an oven-fried chicken like the one that my family loves.

It has all of the delicious flavor, crunch, and satisfaction of traditional Southern fried chicken but the ease of baking it in the oven. If you are the least bit hesitant of frying chicken or just don’t want to fool with the mess it can make, this recipe is a definite winner.

Check out the step-by-step recipe for my foolproof oven-fried chicken.


So, now we’re down to the final five contestants – Josh, Sheldon, Stefan, Brooke and Lizzie.

I’m personally torn between a few of the chefs for my favorite. Josh, Brooke, and Sheldon always stand out for me. Are you pulling for any one chef in particular?

Did you know you can vote each week to save a chef?



Fans will be able to save one of their favorite chef’testants who has been eliminated from the show and LCK. A head to head weekly Twitter vote will feature the most recently eliminated chef from LCK vs. the previous week’s highest vote earner.


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