Congratulations to Debbie, comment #320, who said: “I love honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and coconut cake!”

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Happy Thursday! Today, I’m flying out to meet a few friends for a fun weekend in California. We’ve been planning our get together for a little while now, but I have to say that this week, I’ve been in a tizzy trying to get everything ready to be gone for a few days. You would think I was going to be gone for a month!

But, there’s just something about knowing that I won’t be home that has me trying to make sure that everything is in the proper place, everyone has all their clothes washed and ironed that they could possibly need, the dogs are groomed, the linens are changed, and the list goes on.

In other words, if you happen to be my seatmate on the flight out from Atlanta tomorrow, please excuse my snoring!

And, on a brighter front, I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway of some of my favorite kitchen tools! You guys in?

Here’s the set:

Wooden spoon – couldn’t live without ’em. Love, love, love.

Really great knife – this one is a fancy-pants 200th Anniversary 8-inch cook’s knife. (I’m hearing Dana Carvey saying, “Welllll, aren’t you special.” Ha! Remember those skits. I miss those so.)

Silicon spatula – goodness gracious. If you’ve never tried one of these you are going to love it. Love.

Wooden cutting board – I love Boos boards. They are just so well made and, with great care, they last and last.

12-inch skillet – okay, you knew that was coming didn’t you? Come on. You did. An absolute essential for any kitchen.



I’m giving away a set of some of my favorites to one lucky member of the Add a Pinch family. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me about your favorite Easter meal. That’s easy enough, right?

Giveaway ends Friday, March 20th at 11:59 PM eastern.

Good luck! And please, say a prayer that I don’t really embarrass myself snoring on the plane. Okay?

Love you guys. You are truly the best!
Robyn xo



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  1. My favorite Easter meal is scalloped potatoes with ham. I just love the cheesy goodness with the salty ham!

  2. We do a big brunch with chicken salad, ham and turkey croissant sandwiches, polish sausage with BBQ sauce, truck stop potatoes, fresh fruit, Greek pasta salad, grilled veggies and a cake. Of course there is an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids.

  3. I absolutely love deviled eggs but they are such a pain that I only do them once a year so I really really enjoy them!

  4. We usually do Easter Brunch and Paula Deen’s French Toast is always requested and is always on our table. This year our special Easter Bunny will be our 3 week old Grandson!

  5. What I love about an Easter is the spiral ham. It makes such a statement sitting all juicy and shiny on a pretty platter.

  6. My favorite is always ham. Lots of times we have frog-eye salad or scalloped pineapple and the rest changes from year to year, depending on what my adult daughters choose to bring along. The best part is that we are together.

  7. Hmmm, for Easter, I like to go a little non-traditional. I like to roast a chicken, tear it apart with my hands and turn it into chicken salad. I put it on homemade croissants and serve up some fresh coleslaw, fruit salad and lemon bars and pound cake. We prefer a light meal on Easter so the kids have lots of energy to go outside and play.

  8. Strawberry Spinach Salad, and the ham, and the green bean casserole, and the Sweet Potato Casserole, and the multi colored deviled eggs. Yay Easter!

  9. The Easter Bunny, of course!! My family loves our meal of grilled rabbit, goat cheese popovers, carrots & hummus, green beans & a huge green salad!

  10. I know it’s not traditional but I like roast chicken on Easter, served with spring vegetables and mashed cauliflower.

  11. Easter means brunch in our family, eggs benedict with homemade hollindase sauce. YUM 🙂 French Toast and lets not forget the Bloody Mary’s and mamossas!

  12. Hmm..I don’t have a favorite Easter meal! My dad raised me and wasn’t big on holiday dinners. I’m pretty excited to develop my own favorites now that I’m getting married and have a kitchen of my own.

  13. Our favorite Easter meal in baked ham, potato salad, collard greens and sweet potato pie for dessert! I;m getting hungry thinking about it!!

  14. My favorite Easter meal would be a roasted leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, mashed rutabagas, creamed celery….I sure can’t afford a leg of lamb but as kids, my Grammy always made this for Easter. I love lamb to this day. Just can’t afford it.

  15. My great grandmother used to make a special plate of deviled eggs just for me and often would make pumpkin pie because that was my favorite even though it wasn’t Thanksgiving 😀 She was awesome!

  16. Yum! I love Easter Sunday Brunch. We usually have Ham, French toast, Scrambled Eggs, Sausages.
    I love the idea of adding Deviled Eggs. What a beautiful day to celebrate with Family!

  17. Ham Baked Smashed Potato salad, Fennel Celery and Bacon salad, Deviled Eggs, Fresh home made Biskets and Fresh Peach and A Apple pie for Dessert.

  18. We have ham with all the fixings and sides every year, but I miss the holiday meals my Grandma used to cook. I’ve never been able to replicate her rice pudding.

  19. My favourite Easter meal is the dessert! It’s a large fresh twisted easter bread, with icing drizzled over and colourful sprinkles on top. Then the leftovers are eaten for days toasted. Happy Easter! =)

  20. Easter is perfect with green beans that have cooked all day and a ham that’s alittle sweet with every bite and paired with some creamy cheesy noodles.

  21. I love a roast leg of lamb for easter, traditionally New Zealand, but I’ve had some really good local lamb too. With minted peas of course!

  22. I love ham on the grill, with escalloped potatoes, broiled asparagus and of course, carrot cake with a buttermilk glaze and cream cheese frosting. YUM!!!

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