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We only had three days at Sun-n-Fun this year, but they were jam packed with lots of fun activities for all of us.

Okay, I’ll give you one guess in which Hangar you could find me once I saw this sign?


I don’t remember seeing them as a sponsor before, but I sure am glad they were this year. Yum!


I wanted you all to see the steady line going to visit them. I’m sure you can imagine. A bunch of pilots and their families in one spot. Coffee was needed and in a very bad way.

While my husband went to seminars, Little Buddy and I had some learning to do as well.


The Youth Education Center is operated by volunteers and provides excellent hands-on science and mathematics activities.


Like learning weights and balances. This was actually pretty funny. Little Buddy kept using the heaviest weight and saying, “My Mama’s luggage.” Ummm… smart boy.

There is a permanent building full of activities and then during special weeks like Sun-n-Fun, they add tents for additional activities and crowd control.

Little Buddy has always enjoyed operating the airplanes they have set up to teach children about the parts of a plane and it’s operation. There are three different planes, with each one setup to teach a different age range.


I think this one was Little Buddy’s favorite though.


This pilot sign is so adorable! I thought you would love to see him, too.


There were about four different school groups at the Youth Center on field trips the same day we were there. As a homeschooler, Little Buddy doesn’t get the opportunity to ride a big ole yellow school bus. So, I explained the situation and asked one of the friendly bus drivers if Little Buddy could look around the bus and sit on it for a minute. I think the bus driver was elated to give us a tour.


And then, it was back to rocket building. Blue and green rocket building to be precise.


Finally we met back up with Daddy and ate lunch and watched the afternoon airshow. This photograph was probably the funniest. It looks like this big ole airplane is about to eat the smaller one. Forgive me, I don’t have a clue what their names are and please don’t ask me to ask my husband or Little Buddy. They would talk for a solid hour about them.

We smoked our favorite veggie pizza and then off to bed.

The next morning, this is what greeted us.



If you ever get the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon, do. My experience has been a flight that was serene and breathtaking while the landing was hilarious and entertaining. Of course tracking the “chasers” is pretty funny as well. {The “chasers” are the crew on the ground who follow along in cars, etc. while the balloon is flying to assist in the landing and bringing the balloon rig back to its home airport.} Both times I flew, we landed smack dab in a cow pasture, but that’s a story for another day.

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