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I think I have spring fever. Really. I do.

I’ve been eyeing my flip flops on my shoe rack as I put on my fuzzy Ugg slippers or boots each morning, longing for predictable weather where my feet won’t freeze if I dare to toss them on for the day.


Toms Wedges |


And speaking of eyeing shoes, I’ve been eyeing this pair of Toms Wedges since last summer.

Those cute cork heels and sassy open toes.

They caught my eye, but I kept thinking, “oh, I have plenty of black shoes. I don’t actually neeeeeed these.”

Finally, in a fit of spring fever determination, I ordered them and have to admit something to you.

I wore them in 40 degree weather the other day to the store.

I’m sure I looked like the comical act with the open toe wedges, black jeans and about five layers on top, a scarf and a coat.

Not to mention that as soon as I made it back to my car from the store I blasted the heat on the floorboard of my car to warm up my piggies.


Toms Wedges |

So, my flip flops now have a bit of extra company to help them wait on spring to arrive.

I’m counting the days.


In other news, we pick up our new Golden puppy next week and I’m absolutely counting the days til she arrives!

{Heart melt warning ahead!}



I love that our breeder sends plenty of photos each week, along with an update on how the puppies are doing. I look forward to email day all week! Just look at those precious little faces!!!

I’m sure I’ve been pretty difficult to be around lately as I’ve declared a new name every day. It really is pretty pathetic how I can’t decide. Little Buddy still has his mind made up that her name will be Mabel. I’m toying with every name in the book!

I’m just hoping I know when I meet her!

If you have suggestions, I’d still love to hear them!




I’ve also been a bit obsessed with scrambled egg sandwiches. Especially on toasted bread and with a pile of grated cheese. Just like my Daddy used to make them.


I could probably survive a lifetime on those sandwiches.



Which might be a possibility given all the eggs the hens have been laying lately.


What I’ve Been Watching


Little Buddy, Mama and I went to see the movie Parental Guidance last week and I LOOOOOOVVVED it. Seriously, it has to be one of the best family appropriate movies I’ve seen in years. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are the grandparents and visit their daughter’s family to stay with the grandchildren while the daughter and son-in-law are away from home for a business trip.

We laughed, we giggled, and I cried like a baby.

Seriously. You can’t take me anywhere.

If you get a chance to see it, definitely do. It is a great family movies that leaves you wanting more when the movie ends.


Of course I’m still devoted to my two favorite shoes during the week, Downton Abbey and Nashville. I’m still in shock from a couple of week’s ago on Downton Abbey with the Sybil twist, but have since really just gotten irritated at Robert (Lord Grantham). He just needs to get over himself and move right along with the program. Speaking of which, Matthew has been a tad melodramtic as well, in my opinion.

My favorite character by a long shot is still the Dowager Duchess. I don’t think she can do wrong in my eyes!

And on Nashville, well, they all just need a good talking to, don’t they? Juliette and Scarlett have been my favorites lately, but to me, Rayna’s girls always steal the show. Sisters in real life with a huge talent, I wish they’d have them sing more.

Have you seen them?


Aren’t they adorable? And so very talented.

Around the Web


Girl Scout cookies arrived this past week and thankfully, my sweetie had order my favorites — Samoas! Then, after one I started feeling like I should ration them so I didn’t run out in a week or so (how about a day!) until next year. The very next day, I spied these homemade samoas from Kelly. Oh how I could just hug her!!! I can now make them whenever I want!

Uh, wait… If I can make them anytime I want then I can eat them anytime I want.

If I can eat them anytime I want, then my hips and I have a serious issue.

This can’t be good.

Rose Cookies

Speaking of being in trouble, I really, really want these cookies. If for nothing else, just to gaze at longing. They are perfection.


So, what have you been up to lately?

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  1. Ahhhh…your post was just what I needed to start my day. So fun to catch up with you this morning. I love the shoes, that adorable puppy, the sandwiches, and of course…all those eggs. And everything in between – I really need to get started on Downton Abbey, and have heard great things about Parental Guidance. Have an awesome weekend, Robyn – I’m right there with you, waiting for spring!

  2. I have never understood other women’s fascination with shoes. Give me something that fits that I can wear all day and I’m good. Needless to say, I do not own any high heels or flip-flops.

    But that’s not why I wanted to leave a comment. Have you tried to preserve your eggs by buttering their shells?

  3. OK…those SHOES!!! Want. Those. Nothing wrong with a little peep tow in winter, I say! πŸ˜‰

    Your puppy is so, so sweet!!! We had a really tough time deciding on names for our cats, although, Kiddo was pretty adamant that one be named Spike.

    Downton, Downton, Downton. I’m finally caught up!!! Mr. Bates & Anna are my favorites. Well, and the dowager. I always wonder what my mom would have looked like at that age…and I think they have such similar features. I think to think I see a bit of mom there. PS…I posted Downton cookies today. πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to check out Parental Guidance…I wondered about that! Little Buddy watched it, too?

  4. I tried those on in denim last year and almost bought them. Need to see if they are available online in a wide. They squished my toes something awful, but I honestly considered getting them anyway since they’re so cute!

    Can’t wait to see your new puppy!

    1. I wore them again last night and they were very comfortable! I think you need to order a pair! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Robyn, I LOVE those shoes! Thanks for sharing! Will have to visit my local Tom’s retailer soon! πŸ™‚