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This past Christmas, Little Buddy received the game Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder. I had heard of this game, but had definitely not seen it in my local Target store. His game was purchased through Amazon, you know, the store with everything that you can get your purchases lickety split. Especially if you are a Prime member – you are already a Prime member aren’t you? (It saves me a ton in shipping for all of my office supplies and homeschool supplies, I love it!)

I digress…

Since Little Buddy has always been fond of trains and we love to travel, the game seemed a perfect game for him. The age suggestion is 8 and up. Yippee. Perfect age.

We played the game for family game night and had so much fun! We all did. Sometimes I get a bit worn out with the same ole childish board games, but this game was fun. A challenge I enjoy. Little Buddy quickly began applying his geography skills and math was reinforced throughout the scoring process. There is an interactive website so you can check it out for yourself. Let me know what you think – or what your children think.

As a homeschooling Mama, I love it when a fun game gives a little more.

Any games you can recommend for us? We are a board game lurving bunch. Please, please share.

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