Adventures with Nature

Wednesday we had a wonderful adventure with nature! We enjoyed a parrot encounter, a butterfly house, a southern victory garden, and a LEED certified cottage. We had a ball!

I have included a few pictures of our adventure below.

The gorgeous parrot is 15 years old and, according to her caretaker, can live to be 50 years old. She can bark like a dog, cry like a baby, say “good morning,” and she is fascinated with people chewing gum. We really enjoyed being able to spend some individual time with the caretaker and the parrot to learn about the bird’s needs, eatting habits, life, and favorite things to do.

We were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves all day without feeling rushed and shushed as my little darling calls it! Isn’t that cute? He paid really close attention to a couple of school groups that came through the butterfly house while we were there. They stood in line, went to watch a video, quickly walked through the butterfly house, and then back on their school bus. I know that they had fun, but finally my little darling told me that he sure was glad that he was on “our kind of field trip.” It absolutely made my day! Another sign that homeschooling is for us!

What are some of your favorite field trips?

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  1. We love the zoo and aquarium here. We have an annual pass so we can go whenever we want. And you just never know what might happen. After all the field trip school kids left, my boys got to see a giraffe give birth yesterday!

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