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Have you heard of the America the Story of Us DVD series by

We received our complimentary education edition earlier in September and love it. And I must say, it’s perfect timing!

We are studying American History this year and have thoroughly enjoyed our history curriculum. But let me tell you, this folds right into our Sonlight History curriculum perfectly.

Not only is the DVD expertly done, there is a ton of information and resources available on the website to go along with it. The site includes:

  • featured segments from the DVD
  • featured articles
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Family Viewing Guide
  • Classroom Guides for each episode

The guides have been extremely helpful to me and I’ll admit, I’ve learned a good deal as well.

Some scenes of war are graphic and I suggest you watch the DVD and read the guides, both the teacher and the family, prior to watching with your child.

I have been incredibly impressed at how my son has readily integrated his lessons from our History curriculum and how the DVD has reinforced lessons he’s learned.

He’s now asking to trace our family history as far back as we can. And anything that gets an eight year old interested in genealogy wins in my book, especially when that isn’t really the topic of the segments at all.

I think he just wants to see if any of his ancestors wore the powdered wigs.

Hmmm… maybe I’ve found my Halloween costume.

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  1. I just watched this whole thing by myself each night over the last week. Could not get enough!!!! Love, love, loved it!!! We are going through Story of the World, book 3, and we just read about King James and Jamestown, so the documentary series has lined up perfectly. I’ve been selecting appropriate snippets to show my 8 year old and it has really brought to life a deeper understanding of what we’re reading about!!! He wants to watch more, more, more right now, but I’m going to save it and give him small doses as we go that line up with what we’re reading.

    Robyn!!!! I’m so glad someone else out there is watching this too and loving it as much as I am! Hooray! And I love all the extra info you gave in this post about the website… I didn’t know any of that.

    And… you know what else is so funny??? After I showed my son the parts all about Jamestown and the Puritans coming to America, he seemed most impressed by the comment that, “Nearly 10% of Americans can trace their roots back to the Mayflower.” He was so intrigued by that idea. That is so amazing that the series sparked the same interest in your son as well, of wanting to know more about his own ancestors.

  2. I’m always in awe of parents who homeschool; wanted to do that with my own kids years ago, but everyone around me nixed the idea and said my children would be outcasts . . . huh. So proud of all you moms, dads and teachers – you guys just rawk!

  3. We received our free DVD months ago. I got five minutes into the first one and thought my kids could not handle the graphic nature of it (ages 9, 7, 5, 2) so I put it on the shelf. Maybe I’ll need to watch it again. And, btw, would you say that it’s revisionist in its approach? Smiles, m