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As I started my car, I got a little feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Something is just not right,” it told me. I quickly passed it off to the dark clouds building in the direction of my drive. The light dots of sprinkles began to fall on my windshield.

And then I felt it again. The same gnawing feeling. I picked up my cell phone and called my husband. He and my son had been working at the lake house all day to finalize a few things for the new buyers. Our plans were a bit loose on how we would meet up after my class in Atlanta that day, but the intent was to spend the weekend at the lake.

No answer on his phone. Having a feeling that I absolutely needed to hear his voice, I waited a bit longer and dialed his phone again. This time, he answered.

“Are y’all okay?” Was my question. Normally, I would have said, “What are you doing?” or “How is your day going?” But I didn’t. For some reason I said, “Are y’all okay?”

His voice cracked a bit and he said, “We are fine. They are loading us in the ambulance now.”

My heart dropped and then a complete sense of calm came over me. Now I knew why I needed to hear his voice. I knew why I’d been having those tugging feelings.

Our conversation was quick with the details of the accident, our son being okay, and of the family that had been called to be with them. My husband’s brother and his wife were at the scene in minutes to be with my husband and son, my Mother was at the hospital waiting so she could be with my son while they took care of my husband.

And I drove.

The rain came down faster and harder with vehicles pulling over to the side of the interstate. I knew I had 45 minutes at a minimum to reach them.

I followed the lights in front of me and drove. And prayed.

I prayed for God to be with them, I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s blessing of their safety. I asked Him to help me to get to them.

And as quickly as it started, the rain stopped. Just as if I had driven through a curtain. One second it was beating down on the car to point I couldn’t see further than the red taillights of the car ahead of me. And then, the curtain parted, the veil was lifted. I could see a wall of rain as I looked back in my rear-view mirror. Ahead of me were perfectly blue skies.

When I saw the truck the next day, I again prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. I could see God’s protective shield all around the cab area of the vehicle where my husband and son were. And I could see God’s Grace for another day together.

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