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Beauty Loves is a series where I share items I’m loving from the drugstore beauty aisle to the department store beauty counter! This month includes my new favorite hair serum, dry oil spray, and more.

Beauty Loves March 2015 from

It is the time of the month when I share about the beauty products I am loving.

For 2015, I’m paring down the items in each month’s Beauty Loves posts to those that I’m loving. Generally, I’ll keep the selection to five or less and do my best to not reshare items that I’ve shared previously – but no promises that I won’t gush about something if I think I couldn’t do without it! I hope you love learning about some of them as much as I always love sharing them!

Here are my favorites from March.

  1. I think I always include a lipstick in my beauty loves posts! A friend of mine picked up a tube of this lipstick when we were out shopping last month and I fell in love with the color and had to go back and snag a tube for myself! I love this color of Dusty Pink. So light and perfect for everyday wear.
  2. My hairstylist, Lauren, recommended this two-part hair serum the last time I visited the salon and I am absolutely in love with it. With just one pump, I just work it through the ends of my hair and it cuts down on flyaways and helps to protect from split ends. Love it!
  3. My sister Wendy gave me this balm for Christmas. It took me a while to open the tube and I’m kicking myself for all that wasted time! She promised it was one of those things that I’d wished I’d had been using for years and she’s so right! I use it on my hands each evening before going to bed and wake up with my hands not looking like they’ve been soaking in dish water all day!
  4. I love this clear brow gel for helping to tame my eyebrows and keep them in place without looking overdone. I use a brow powder to help fill in areas that need a little help and then finish them off with this gel. In this same brand, there are colored eyebrow gels as well, but I felt like they made my eyebrows look a bit too scary for my liking. 🙂
  5. Lauren, my hair stylist, also told me about this dry oil mist. She knows how much I loved the other Kendi Dry Oil that I’d been getting from her for a while and suggested that I try this mist version for an even lighter application. It is just the right amount and I have a confession – I also love to mist my arms and legs with it in place of lotions. It smells fantastic and works like a charm.

What beauty items are you loving lately?

Robyn xo

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