Yesterday, I celebrated my 43rd birthday. As I was driving Sam to Boy Scouts the night before, the conversation went a little something like this.

Birthday Wishes from

“What do you really want for your birthday?”

“Something simple and low key with you and Daddy.”

“No, I mean as a gift.”

“Oh, maybe for you to have all your school work done without me having to remind you, the dogs to not climb into the UPS truck and run all the way to the back of it for just one day, and while I’m wishing, for the house to be spic and span from sun up to sunset.”

With that he said, “But then that wouldn’t be real life.”

No, that wouldn’t be real life. At least not for me. Even though the wish sounded like something reasonable, in real life, it would be something most likely out of a Disney fairytale – complete with a prince and a flowing ball gown or two.

No, that wouldn’t be real life at all.

I started thinking of my life at 20, single and where my biggest concern was what to wear on Friday or Saturday night with friends.

And then at 25 as a newlywed renovating our first home and learning that a marriage is much more than a wedding, the perfect wedding gown, and the reception afterward.

And then at 30 as a brand new mother getting lost in snuggles, spit up, diapers and of course oohing over the miracle of this life God had blessed us with as our son.

And then by 35 sitting by my father’s side as he breathed his last breaths and slipped away from us to heaven.

And then at 40 realizing that it is okay to say no and that you don’t have to be a part of every committee or every group, that life goes on without the noise, and how freeing that realization can be.

Real life is full of messes and spills, wrinkles and age spots, dust and dirt, but it is also filled with unimaginable blessings and beauty, love and grace and at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change it at all. So, for my birthday, I prayed to always remember just that.

Well, it would be nice to not have to climb into the UPS truck for just a day.

But, then again, that wouldn’t be real life.

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  1. We share a birthday (although I have a few extra years)! I hope your real-life birthday was all you wished for. Happy Birthday!

  2. Robin~ I’ve followed and enjoyed your blog for ages and always thought I would like to meet you in person. Today after reading your post, you touched my heart with your prospective on life and living, and became someone I would like to have as a friend. We most likely will never meet in person but I feel I already know so much about you. Happy Birthday!

    1. Oh Linda,
      You have no idea how much your sweet comment blesses me! Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake together! I hope you have a great week! xo

  3. I love your recipe I have try your cake. I think this weekend I gone try the bacon wrap pork tenderloin. And also my husband birthday is the 23 of January.

  4. Happy Birthday and thank you for letting your adoring fan base know what a special day it is for you, You who gives so much to so many. Of course we would want to celebrate it with you! If only we could sit together and enjoy a slice of that chocolate cake that is always in your sidebar so enticingly. Celebration wishes sent your way!

  5. You’re not alone with the UPS truck
    A friend’s dog jumped in the UPS truck, stole the driver’s bag of chips and ran off.

  6. Happy Birthday! Funny that you put things that way. I was just thinking about how petty some of the things I thought were important back when I was a teen and during my 20s. I guess we just evolve other time and mature. It’s so true that youth is wasted on the young.

  7. Thanks so much, Clare! I guess it is part of growing up. If we didn’t fret over the petty things then, we most likely wouldn’t appreciate how petty they were now. Or something like that. But gosh, it would be nice for a day that the biggest worry is whether or not my bangs are curled just right 🙂

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I am a fairly new reader, I just love your blog! And we are about the same age too, I will be 43 this spring. There are so many 20 something bloggers, so its refreshing to see someone blogging and enjoying it that is closer to my age. Even though we all share a love for food, travel, home & garden etc I sometimes find I don’t have much else in common with those half my age. I guess a different generation, really. When I’m asked what rotary phones are, the Atari, or tapes (for music) I just shake my head! haha Oh it was so different when we were kids 😀

    Hope your birthday was something special and the dogs didn’t jump into the UPS van one day at least, for a change.

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