What is it about bugs? Boys are just nuts about them, aren’t they? Well, at least my Little Buddy is crazy about them. And, his friends at Vacation Bible School this week sure seem to be as well. I made a “treat bag” to encourage the children to participate in music, mind their manners during recreation and bible games, and do their best during the bible lesson. Well, you probably could just come right out and say that rather than encourage, I’m probably really just bribing them. But then, can you say you are bribing children at Vacation Bible School? Probably not. So we’ll just use the term “encourage” for this story. Okay?

I digress…

I knew that boys loved bugs, but until this week I just did not realize how much they love them. All kinds of bugs. Ants, worms, spiders, roaches, beetles, fireflies, mosquitoes, etc. (I know these are not all technically “bugs” but again, we’ll just agree to use that term for this story. Thanks!)

Understanding now this love of the bug, I have decided to incorporate more “bug time” in our curriculum.

Here are some ideas of just how we plan to do that very thing:

– Plant a venus fly trap or other carnivorous plant
– Go on a worm dig to count number of worms in a 5 gallon bucket
– Collect specimens and identify them (keep in habitat and then release)
– Read about bugs that are prevalent in our area of the world
– Draw a picture of the coolest bugs we have ever seen

Today, we actually planted seeds for a venus fly trap. It’s now in the refrigerator in the hangar for eight weeks.

We also decorated a bug habitat using paint and stickers. I sure am looking forward to including other activities with bugs in our day. One resource I am using is National Geographic Kids. There is a wonderful section on mosquitoes that Little Buddy sure does enjoy watching. We also love to receive our copy of the magazine to read about all the cool things they have written about.

Do you have any favorite bug lovin‘ activities that we should try? If so, please share!

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  1. You can also do a butterfly kit – that's bug-related! There are lots of bug-related books in the "let's read and find out" series – search on the series name and "bug" and "insect" in amazon or bn and you'll pull up some titles. We love these books. Worm composting is also an idea – check out my blog for more on this 🙂

  2. My 7 yo and I love doing bugs–it's been a common interest since she was very small. We've exhausted Insect Lore's bug raising kits and have moved on to frogs. While we were really into insects, http://www.whatsthatbug.com/ became our favorite spot on the web for bug ID and interesting browsing. She used to pick out pictures there for us to add to a word doc until she had a "book" we would make a cover for and bind with string. She learned a lot from those. Later we printed small pictures of butterflies and taped them to our laminated map of the US to show where those species are found. This was all led by her, of course. My other two never cared for projects like that. We also found many youtube videos of butterflies making chrysalides and emerging from them. We are also lucky enough where we live to have places like the Hallberg Butterfly Gardens and California Carnivores close by to visit. Warning–local museums often have insect collections with mounted specimens and she found those really upsetting. We stick to live critters only now.

  3. Did you just say that you have a venus fly trap in a fridge in a hangar? *blink* LOLI *think* there's a documentary that he might like – if it exists. I may have created in my head LOL … it's a series, sorta.. I have to google and see if there is indeed one about bugs or if I'm imagining it… Mammals and Birds, yes.. I *think* there might be bugs…

  4. We also have bug loving boys and 1 bug loving girl. The best thing that I ever did was to plant a pipe vine and several passion flowers in our backyard. They are both hardy to FL (where we live) and we get eggs, catepillars and butterlies non-stop all year. The next best thing I ever did for our homeschool, was to create a worm compost bin. We got much enjoyment out of some activities in a book about worms and we let them eat our garbage, while doing science experiments. Thirdly, we started a real insect collection this year. You can find the post on my blog on the right hand column titled Insect collecting. We also put a mini round pond in our yard for frogs and tadpoles that we get every summer. Enjoy this time with your boys!! We have.

  5. Cute ideas! My youngest daughter still loves bugs and we have an ongoing insect collection…we don't kill any of them though, they are all found dead and we pick them up and add them to her collection. We purchased some insect display cases and mounting pins at Home Science Tools that really makes them look GREAT! We even looked up the names and labeled them.

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