Daytona Speedweek – Trip to the Beach

After I woke up my Little Buddy with a snuggle and a tickle, we enjoyed Banana Bread Muffins from Southern Plate’s recipe for Banana Bread. Oh my heavens, I was famous once again in this little piece of the world. My boys loved them.
Then we had a grand excursion over to Daytona Beach. We ate at Ocean Deck restaurant, a favorite of mine and Little Buddy’s from last year’s trip.

Then, we piled in the car and took a drive on the beach. We had only been on the beach for few seconds when Little Buddy was itching to get his toes in the sand.

{Maybe he was channeling Zac Brown from the concert the other night.}

Don’t be jealous, my car is now full of sand.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS and now I'm following. Enjoyed your blog!Freddae'

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