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Friday, we got up and had about three more hours drive to our destination — Daytona International Speedway. Little Buddy was tickled but wanted to spend a little while playing on his ripstik. Knowing we’d be cooped up for a while, it sounded like a great idea to this Mama.

It also would give me a chance to try my photography skills for action shots. {Pwahahah – what skills?}

Check Little Buddy out! He’s got the move going on in this shot.
After a little bit of exercise, we loaded up and hit the road. We were all just ready to be there. Little Buddy and I “did school” while we traveled. Remarkably, when traveling, school helps pass the time something fierce!
Next excitement for the day, we got sniffed. Yep, we got sniffed!
The K-9 units working the security gate were so beautiful. This was our sniffer! {He didn’t even ask for my phone number, either!}
And as soon as we got settled in, we were greeted with a tornado watch quickly followed by a warning.
{I really think tornado warnings follow me when we travel. But that sounds a bit vain.}
The warning cleared and God blessed us with this beautiful sign the storms had calmed.
We are having a great time this week at the Daytona 500. Now, I need to figure out who I’m pulling for this week. I am really pretty neutral, but goodness gracious – my boys are not!
Who is your favorite driver?

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