Today is the day that one of my close friend’s book releases! Bridget Edwards of Bake at 350, releases her second cookbook all about decorating cookies that are perfect for a party.

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I’ve always been in awe of Bridget’s artistry and then through the years we’ve become such good friends, texting each other for no apparent reason other than we saw a cardigan, lipstick, or a pair of shoes that we thought the other would like or something as significant as we would love prayers to help us make it through a particularly tough spot. She is as fun, loving and gracious in person as you would think she is just from reading her blog and she shares her talents with us all, holding our hands through making something that just seems unattainable to accomplish actually doable and fun! I love that about her!

Decorating Cookies Party from


In her latest book, you’ll find over 50 designs for special occasions based around 10 themes – from tailgating, Halloween celebrations, birthdays, and showers and weddings to name a few. When I received her book, I poured over it again and again trying to find the one design that I loved best. While I couldn’t find just one that was a favorite, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the Princess Face Cookies. I know that any little girl would adore having these for her birthday party. What am I saying? I’d love to have them, too!!! I could just go on and on and on about each of her designs, but I think you need a copy for yourself!

So, to help celebrate Bridget’s book launch today, I’m having a fun giveaway celebration.

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I’m giving away this gorgeous Raspberry Ice Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer along with a copy of both of Bridget’s cookbooks to one lucky member of the Add a Pinch family! To enter, just tell me about your favorite kind of cookies.

This giveaway ends on Sunday, October 12th at 11:59 PM eastern.

Congratulations to Lucy, comment #163. I love Oatmeal Raisin cookies, too! YUM!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Robyn Stone and Add a Pinch.

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  1. The favorite cookie at our house is old school Chocolate Chip Cookies! We love them and I often make a couple of batches and stick the dough in the freezer so that I always have it on hand. My children love them and I have to say, it makes me a pretty popular Mom with the neighborhood kids.

  2. I just love making cookies from brownie dough, when i was in jr, high they served large chocolate cookies, the inside was chewy and the outside was crispy, loved them, one day i made a box of brownies and decided to spoon them on a cookie sheet, they were perfect cookies, now i just mix up a batch of brownies only I cook them like cookies, Chocolate lovers dream

  3. Mock-Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies..but on Sunday instead of chocolate chips I used cinnamon chips! So moist & chewy! I don’t make regular Toll House chocolate chip cookies anymore! โค๏ธ

  4. Chocolate chips with pecans or walnuts. Lots of dark chocolate chips or chunks or a combination of the two.

  5. I LOVE molasses cookies!! But there is almost nothing better than a good old fashioned warm chocolate chip cookie ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s almost like choosing your favorite child! but okay, chocolate chip cookies and I have a long, comforting history. They are best right out of the oven!

  7. My Grandfather, who passed away over 20 years ago now, used to make the most delicious pineapple soft cookies with and for me as a kid. They were the best! I’ve never forgotten him or those cookies and recently was able to locate his recipe hidden away in my Grandmother’s home. Now they get to live on and my son gets to enjoy them as I did.

  8. the best cookies ever are the discontinued butter toffee cookies from mrs. fields. my boyfriend and i love them deeply and are lucky to have found a copycat recipe online. theyre soft in the center and crispy on the edges and homemade english toffee adds texture and crisps the bottom of the cookie. theyre just great.

  9. Hello! My all time favorite cookies growing up we’re my moms German Spritz cookies!! My mom is from Germany were cooking and baking just seem to come naturally. She always made these cookies, I remember her pastry bag that she would fill with the dough and add a tip and pipe them out on the cookie sheets. They were always in different shapes to amuse us kids!! They were yummy!!

  10. Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I love a classic chocolate chip cookie. My favorite one to buy is at Cafe Boulud – I love the melding together of the different chocolates, the taste and texture that comes from not using traditional chocolate chips, and the ooey gooey caramel-like dough that encases all that chocolatey goodness!

  11. My favorite cookies are big, soft yet firm, thick, buttery, traditional sugar cookies! They go with everything – milk, coffee, tea . . . I love them!

  12. My new favorite cookie is an Italian Wedding Cookie. My friend at works wife makes them. The recipe is an Italian family secret handed down from generations. She will not divulge the recipe. If you could share a great Italian Wedding Cookie Recipe I would be forever grateful! YUUUM! Great with coffee or an ice cold glass of milk!

  13. My favorite cookies are peanut butter cookies. The plain & simple, made by your Mom with the fork marks crisscrossing!

  14. My favorite cookie is the great oatmeal raisin cookies. I remember coming in to the smell of them cooking when I was a kid. Then when I had my children I cooked them making them there favorite. Now I am teaching my youngest granddaughter how to cook. I hope she will continue the tradition.

  15. My favorite cookie is a chocolate Biscotti ! My grandmother recipe! She thought me how to make them! Soo good!!!

  16. Snicker doodles are my favorite cookie. Made them so much for my children and now for my grandchildren. Just something about the spices so good!

  17. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip! As a child my friend Lona and I were latch key kids and sometimes her mom would make these cookies for us. They always make me think of being safe and happy:)

  18. My great Grandma had the most amazing sugar cookie recipe that thankfully was handed down through the years in the family, but many relatives moved a lot or were not really bakers and they no longer have the recipe. Out of a rather large family, My little sister and I were the only ones left to have the recipe but sadly she passed away two years ago from Crons disease, she loved these cookies so much. I made her a batch a few months before she passed away, she was so happy to have them.. Its my go to recipe for mince meat cookies and sugar cookies. They are my all time favorite and much cherished recipe. All the memories make me cry when I make them now, but they are happy memories.

  19. My favorite is Citrus Shortbread made from orange and lemon zest from my garden trees. This winter I’m going to try it with my Kumquats ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I only remb my mama ever making one kind of cookie. She baked breads, pies rolls etc. but a special treat was these big choc cookies with sugar baked on top. They had a cake like texture, made from scratch of course (mama never used a recipe in her life) and were the best cookie I’ve ever had. It’s funny how so many wonderful memories can be associated with just a cookie. Mama had Alzheimer’s and sad to say I never got the exact ingredients wrote down before we realized what was happening. Have tried to make many times but just not the same…..of course, nothing ever tastes as good as moms without that pinch of love she threw in ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Everyday through elementary and high school, my best friend (Lisa) would get her mom’s homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in her lunch box. Lisa grew tired of cookies and would hand them straight to me. Years went by without her mom knowing that it was me eating them all along until I asked her for the recipe. They are now my infamous “Lisa Cookies” who my family and friends constantly ask for =) Thank you Lisa’s mom! haha

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