Fall Decorating {Jade}

Ready for another pop of color for your Fall decorating? Just like with Mustard, this color trend applies to our closets and to our homes!


I loved the idea of gathering a few vases and jars together in this gorgeous color this Fall when I saw it on Pinterest on one of Christine Ales boards. Oh, and Christine has a lot of cool stuff pinned on her boards, y’all. Check her out.




I love the idea of this painted, carved mirror in Jade from Stella Dallas in Dallas that Knight Moves shared from her visit.

Wouldn’t that be a fun way to add that pop of color?

And what a fun DIY project to repaint one?

I’m getting ideas!


I adore this whale tissue holder from GnomeSweetGnome’s Etsy Store.


And since my allergies have hit me like gang busters, I’m all about something exciting for the tissues!




And last but not least, beautiful, gorgeous Jadite.


I could stock my entire kitchen in vintage Jadite, Pyrex, and cast iron and be a very happy girl.

But you know, just a piece or two would give a kitchen just the little touch of color so popular this Fall season.


What are some of your favorite finds for Fall? I’d love to see.

8 comments on “Fall Decorating {Jade}”

  1. My mom loved Jade. I have her jade earrings and bracelet. She wore them on special occasions….always think of her when I see it. ♥

  2. LOVING that mirror. So pretty.

  3. Oh my goodness that cabinet full of gorgeous greens is my idea of prop heaven! Dreamy.

  4. I just luuurve jade! But I rarely see it. We need to go shopping together.

  5. Possibly my favorite color. I’m swooning too.

  6. I love the Fall colors you suggested! Love the Jade inspiration! Wouldn’t have thought of it! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Aqua-ish shades are always my fave. AND that mirror!!!! Wonderbwhatmy hubbybisngoig to think when I have him taking down our newly hung mirror to sort paint it aqua!!!

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