My food dehydrator and I have become fairly fast friends over the past years. I had one type that seemed to work fine, and then, when I started using my new one, I fell totally and completely in love with dehydrating.

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Did you see my post today over in Add a Pinch Cooking where I shared about my favorite fruit leather recipe ? I’m constantly trying new flavor combinations and I think the possibilities are just endless.

It just feels so good to have a these cute little fruit leather rolls ready to pack away when we are traveling, my son is headed off to camp, or just to snack on from time to time. Since I make them myself with all natural ingredients, I know exactly what is in them and feel good about having them myself.

But, my food dehydrator does a ton more than just fruit leather! From making jerky strips, fruit and vegetable chips, to drying herbs, it is a great tool for preserving foods while they are the peak of their season to use later.

Since this Excalibur food dehydrator includes a temperature control and a timer, it makes dehydrating so much simpler!

So, because I love mine more than I could ever imagine, I’m giving away an Excalibur Food Dehydrator to one lucky member of the Add a Pinch family!

To Enter:

Congratulation to Connie, comment #189. This giveaway is now closed.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 22nd at 11:59 PM eastern. Only comments left on this post will be considered for entry into the giveaway. Only one entry per person, please.

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Robyn Stone and Add a Pinch because I love you bunches!!! xo

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  1. I would love to win this! I would love to make dried fruit chips for my daughters, and also different kinds of jerky for my husband!

  2. We are making a gabion fence around our solar shower on our bug out property! Adding all the rocks from all over the 15 acres is a lot of work and taking some time, but will be well worth the effort once it’s done!

  3. A dehydrator and my garden…that’s all I need this Summer!!!! Well…and a couple of really cute grand d
    aughters! 🙂

  4. hubby built me brand new raised beds. I need to fill them up with vegetables and then (hopefully) can all the wonderful results 🙂

  5. Got wood cut yesterday for raised beds m looking forward
    To having my very own veggie garden this yr. This would really
    Help in storing away all that fresh goodness !

  6. I live in Oregon with lots of yummy sweet fruits. Hoping to get into canning and dehydrating fruits. Would love to try the fruit leather recipe!!

  7. I plan on working on my cake decorating skills, so lots and lots of cakes. I’m also hoping to get a bunch of canning done. 😀

  8. I’m making a baby! He’s definitely my favourite thing to make right now and will be all summer long (hot!), but if we’re talking food here then I’m looking forward to smoking our own pork belly for the first time from a local farmer. Mmm Mmm Bacon!

  9. I have heard the Excalibur, can dry about anything!! So, If I will the Excalibur, this summer I plan on doing fruits, veggies,meats and especially fruit roll-ups for my grandchildren. I Plan on hiking this summer also and I heard the Excalibur is great for making vegetable powders,trail mixes and crackers, which can make my hike light weight. Planting lots of herbs in the garden for spices and making “Meals in a Jar”. It should be a great summer!!!

  10. I’m looking forward to all the fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden and all the wonderful people that let us come pick from their orchards. We also have a new baby girl that will be joining the family in mid August and nothing tops that! I hope all of you have an amazing summer!

  11. I’m looking forward to using my juicer this spring and summer and making delicious juices with fresh vegetables from either my garden or the local farmers’ markets.

  12. Since I ran out of room to store canned items I have been dehydrating a lot. The dehydrator I have is okay, but I would love to have this beauty.

  13. This spring/summer I am most looking forward to enjoying our very first / new raised vegetable bed garden! My husband built me a 4×10 (everyone recommended I start small at first) and I just planted some tomato and pepper seedlings Monday so I’m waiting (and praying) for them to germinate!!! I am looking forward to gardening in general, and hopefully canning / dehydrating if everything works out! =) Hope I win! Thanks

  14. We have blueberries, apples, grapes, strawberries, pears and cherries to dry in our backyard! We sure could use something this high-tech! Thank you in advance!

  15. I have always wanted a food dehydrator.
    I like to soak almonds, and various nuts.It would be great to have dehydrator to roast nuts at a temp below 200 degrees. I would also dehydrate kale,and make chips. I would dehydrate fruits and veggies from the garden…

  16. I can’t wait to create easy, light, healthy meals with all the Freshest veggies and fruits I can find!! Summers best.. here we come!

  17. I really look forward to a summer full of grilling. Steaks, fruits, and veggies. And I can’t wait to give this dehydrator a try…I would love to make some beef jerky! 😛

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  18. I’m a home gardener and I preserve all sorts of fruits and meats in my old Waring dehydrator and because it can take many hours to fully dry the food I sometimes dehydrate in the oven. I would love to have the Excalibur dehydrator. I think it would save me a lot of time in the kitchen!

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