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I have definitely blogged before about how much our family loves games. We have raised Little Buddy to be a little boy who appreciates a good game. He knows that regardless of what is going on around us, if he requests for us to either read a book together or play a game together, the request will most usually be met with an eager,”You betcha!”

I realized when Little Buddy was very young he learned a great deal from games and seemed to retain what he learned more easily. He definitely enjoyed the learning experience more than many other methods. Without realizing it, Little Buddy was working on the following:

– Social Skills. Learn essential skills such as taking turns, having a positive attitude, encouraging others, along with focus and self-control to name a few, all while having a good dose of competitiveness. Even with “games gone bad,” you learn how to handle situations and people skills.

– Team Work. When playing team games like Pictionary and Charades, you can not help but learn great team work skills. It is so impressive to watch children come together and work toward a common goal.

– Brain Training. You reinforce skills you know and build new skills when you play games that challenge your brain. According to Discovery Magazine‘s article titled Which Games Will Help Your Brain the Most? your brain actually becomes more “fit” through continued, mind challenging activity. This article focuses on internet-based brain fitness sites and provides an excellent review of the pros and cons of each site.

While we surely enjoy internet-based games such as these, and electronic games for Nintendo DS and Wii, our favorite games are of the traditional variety. These are the games that I remember playing as a child and want to be sure that Little Buddy has similar memories of gathering around the table and playing as a family or with friends.

Some of our favorites are listed in the chart below with the cognitive area that I believe is directly enhanced through such play.

What are some of your favorite traditional, cognitive enhancing games? Will you share them with us? We just might need to add them to our Game Night list.

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