Grocery Store Flowers Make Me Happy

Have you ever noticed how much more inviting a house looks with plants and flowers? They make things look alive and refreshing and like people who can actually grow things live there. At the very least, they make an area look more like someone really thought enough about how a space looked so they added them.

Lately I’ve been adding a bouquet of flowers to my grocery cart not just because they make my house look a lot better, but because they make me feel a whole lot brighter.

An instant little pick-me-up every time that I see them.

Especially these little ranunculas that remind me of a ruffled yellow sundress or ruffle frosting on top of a little cupcake. I’m going to enjoy their sweet little faces while they last.

What have you found lately that adds a little extra brightness to your day?


15 comments on “Grocery Store Flowers Make Me Happy”

  1. I love plants and flowers in the house! They really do help the home “Live”! And now, that I can bring in twigs from the yard and have them bloom in the house – i LOVE it!
    thanks for hosting a great party!

  2. I love having fresh flowers around. They always make me smile. Thanks so much for hosting!

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  4. Flowers make me so very happy, too. I should allow myself the indulgence a bit more. I usually just overdo it from spring through fall, bringing in different flowers and foliage from the yard. And with temps like we’ve had this past week…wow, it feels like that’s right around the corner, yay!! Hope you have an awesome week, Robyn!

  5. It is amazing how fresh flowers really can brighten your day! The trees and wildflowers are all starting to bloom here in Texas, and that really brightens my day! Thanks for hosting MIngle Monday Robyn!

  6. Lately, I would have to say that watching my 1 year old trying to walk around her brothers and sister brings the biggest smile to my face. She tries so hard to play with them and the giggles melt my heart.

  7. I’m digging the flowers lately too! We planted a bunch today!

  8. How vibrant and beautiful!

  9. Robyn, thanks for hosting. Just the beautiful sun shining and being able to open the windows each morning brightens my day. And hearing the birds, as they returned from the south.

  10. Flowers make me so happy, too. Just seeing everything blooming in spring makes me very happy. Texas Bluebonnets are definitely my happy place right now. We take pictures of the littles in the Bluebonnets every year, and it is one of my all-time favorite traditions.

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  12. Those flowers are gorgeous!!!! I have been enjoying the return of spring. I love having my windows open during the day and feeling the breeze blow through!!! I can’t wait to plant flowers soon!!!

  13. These flowers are beautiful! Just a little bit of bright spring colors can brighten a day!

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  15. Hi Robyn,
    these are so beautiful. I love flowers too, fresh flowers always brighten my day. 🙂

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