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We have all watched the images on the news in absolute horror and sadness. Trying to make some kind of sense of it all.

[Photo courtesy of Matthew McDermott]
Imagine now what our children are thinking and wondering? That was my concern. What was Little Buddy thinking about this horrible, tragic situation. How could I help him? This led to creating my Haiti Earthquake Lesson Plan.
 – Learn about Haiti
 – Learn about earthquakes
 – Learn about impact of earthquakes on Haiti
1. Locate Haiti on the online map and then on our globe. Remark on areas surrounding Haiti and its proximity to our home.
2. Haiti is a country of nearly 8.3 million people in approximately 10,271 square miles (about the population of North Carolina within the land size of Massachusetts or Hawaii).
3. Haiti has a history of unrest and disorganized goverment leading it to be the poorest country in North America. Read about the history of Haiti and its culture.
1. Study earthquakes, how they impact the world, and disaster preparedness.

Impact on Haiti
1. View pictures of the physical impact to buildings and structures from earthquake. (Bing Haiti Earthquake App)
2. Discuss the impacts on people and their culture.
3. Discuss what people are doing to help, what our family has done to help and what more can we do.

Let me know if you have a Haiti Earthquake lesson for your homeschool. I hope it helps your children as much as it seems to have Little Buddy. Keep me posted.

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