Friday, Friday, Friday!!! Poor ol’ Thursday, I’ve been calling it pre-Friday for a while now. I hope I haven’t hurt it’s feelings too badly!

To help celebrate my love of Friday and the upcoming weekend (my real favorite!), I thought it would be fun to share one of my other absolute favorite things in all the land – my iPad.

Mine stays with my in my purse, on my nightstand and basically just goes with me everywhere around the house!

I use my Kindle app for reading books, my Next Issue app for reading my favorite magazines, and don’t get me started on Pinterest, Facebook, and all of my other little must-have apps that I keep on mine. But seriously, what I use it the most for is in the kitchen while I’m cooking or testing recipes. Totally indispensable!

Apple iPad Mini from Apple iPad Mini from Apple iPad Mini from

iPad Mini 3 Giveaway

Congratulations to Hilary, comment #205! Here’s what she’d like for her Friday night meal!

Here’s the meal I’d wish for:

Appetizer: Homemade hummus and pita chips
Entree: Beef tenderloin and asparagus
Dessert: Your chocolate cake and ice cream – of course!

So, today to help celebrate the upcoming weekend and to let you guys know just how much I love you (to the moon and back!), I’m giving away a 16GB Apple iPad Mini 3, in your choice of colors: silver, gold, or space gray.

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me this:

If someone offered to cook supper for you on a Friday night, what would it be? Be sure to include appetizers, entrees and desserts – no skimping! (Calories don’t count on Fridays!)

Giveaways ends Saturday, January 31st at 11:59 PM eastern! Winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Sunday, February 1st.

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch. Images courtesy of Apple. No affiliation other than I love just about everything they produce. 


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  1. A nice shrimp cocktail with spiced up chili sauce. Then a peppercorn Parmesan crusted filet mignon, medium rare, with red wine reduction. Steamed broccoli with lemon and olive oil. Nice glass of house red. For dessert, molten chocolate lava cake. Honey whipped cream and fresh, sun ripened strawberries!

  2. I would love for someone to cook Prime Rib with horseradish sauce, smashed roasted potatoes, green beans and a beautiful salad. For dessert I would love chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

  3. I would LOVE to have someone cook/bake for me, especially on a Friday night! Let’s see….
    I love HOT, crusty artisan bread as an appetizer, pulled apart and dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
    Entree: crunchy, cheesey Parmesan crusted chicken served with mixed veggies and rice pilaf.
    Dessert needs to be cheesecake! Any kind will do, but my favorite is caramel….

  4. I would love to start out with oysters. Beef tenderloin with polenta and green beans. For dessert I would have to have a slice of chocolate cake.

  5. Oh boy! Dinner cooked for ME? I’d want stuffed mushrooms for the appetizer and for the main course I would love braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and oven roasted brussels sprouts. For dessert? Creme brulee, please!

  6. I would love someone to cook for me. Since I love Italian food I would love a tomato and mozzarella caprese salad. For my main meal I would love shrimp fra Diavlo and a great zambaglioe with a cappuccino for dessert,

  7. I’ll tell you what I cooked for my family last night (Friday).
    Mings Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes
    Shaved Brussel sports with onions and garlic
    And a green salad
    Sugar cookies that my granddaughter made for dessert.
    Best dinner ever

  8. Well if we aren’t skimping, I would say some sort of stuffed mushroom for an appetizer, lobster with a warm butter sauce, grilled veggies and for dessert a vanilla bean or Sonia cheesecake! That would make for a delightful Friday dinner! Good luck everyone!

  9. Friday night dinner for me would be homemade pizza buffet (cheese, BBQ chicken, and a ranch pizza with lots of veggies). I would then have a Texas sheet cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. I would also hae lots of ice cream toppings for the kids. Friday night around here is very kid friendly!

  10. I would like to have a Caesar Salad, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Apple Crumble with Cranberries and a glass of Rose Wine. Sounds really good to me.

  11. Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, black eyed peas, collards and macaroni and cheese! Then either a Texas cake or bread pudding for dessert!

  12. I’m the family cook, so I’d be really spoiled if somebody made dinner for me (other than at a restaurant, that is). Here’s my dream menu:
    Beverage: Hot tea, maybe a nice black tea with lemon (refilled as needed throughout the meal)
    Appetizer: Good old-fashioned shrimp cocktail with horseradish sauce
    Main course: Beef tips with mushrooms in a nice red-wine sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed, buttered broccoli
    Dessert: Cheesecake with raspberry sauce


  13. Fancy is ok, I guess, but I’d prefer a juicy hamburger with extra onion and dill pickles. No cheese, please!


  14. Fruit salad, pot of good veggie soup, cornbread with butter, and a cherry crisp for dessert but the best part of the meal would be friends or family to share it.

  15. For a Friday night I would love a nice shrimp cocktail…..followed by a BBQ salmon steak and for dessert a good chocolate cake …..all this accompanied by a tall glass of white wine.

  16. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon with twice baked potatoes along with a side salad that has thousand island dressing. For dessert it would have to be a chocolate cream pie.

  17. I would like to start with roasted red pepper spinach & artichoke dip served with tortilla chips. A nice red bottle Pinot Noir. Grilled ribeye, baked potato, nice salad with blue cheese dressing. Chocolate cake for dessert. Robyn that would be your recipe for the best ever chocolate cake, because it truly is! It is now the only recipe I use for chocolate cake.

  18. I would like a nice piece of maybe grilled swordfish, or even catfish, maybe a twice baked potato with everything on it, some sauteed green beans, and for desert an ice cream sundae, with butterscotch, hot chocolate and marshmellow topping

  19. Appetizer of shrimp cocktail with a zesty cocktail sauce then a small caesar salad with cracked pepper. A Surf & Turf entree of blackened rib eye medium rare and a lobster tail with drawn butter. Side dishes of small new red potatoes and steamed or grilled asparagus. For dessert a raspberry sorbet! Yum!

  20. I would love crab cake and spring roll as entrees ; grilled salmon steak with baked potatoes. Original cheesecake with coffee as dessert.

  21. Tenderloin on the grill, medium rare …with roasted brussels sprouts and twice baked potatoes with lots of cheese, butter and bacon, and for dessert, a blueberry/lemon bundt cake with lemon glaze.

  22. I would start off with a blooming onion. My entrée would be Chicken Parm with a baked potatoe and broccoli. Dessert would be rice pudding.

  23. Appetizer would be stuffed mushrooms, dinner is Filet mignon, pamesan pepper mashed potatoes and fresh roasted vegetables. For dessert I would have to choose either cheesecake or chocolate mousse (hard to pick just one!). And clearly from the answers posted, we need more cheesecake recipes!!

  24. I Love your posts, My Dinner would consist of Onion rings for appetizer, Grilled Lobster & Shrimp, salad, loaded baked potato, Tiramisu desert, Thank-you!

  25. Mmmm! I would have strawberry lemonade, grilled filet mignon,corn on the cob, seasoned, roasted potatoes and asparagus. End it with a vanilla bean cake. I’m hungry. LoL

  26. Appetizer: spinach artichoke dip with sourdough bread
    entree: bbbq ribs with peas and sweet potatoes with apples and cranberries cooked in
    Dessert: apple dumplings with ice cream and caramel sauce.

  27. Oh I love no calorie Fridays lol. I would have him make me a Stuffed crab mushrooms appetizer with a Cesar salad and for the main dish I would love to have a Rib-eye grilled medium with grilled asparagus and loaded baked potato and for dessert hum I am not much for sweets so for me it would be small slice of New York style cheese cake with blueberry drizzle and most importantly a cup of dunkin donuts coffee with cream and sugar!

  28. robin, I love your recipes, and I cant wait to try some of these chili recipes. the reason, I would love to win your ipod, is cuz I love to read, but hate carrying all those books where ever I go to . and a lot cheaper. thank you again, for the wonderful recipes that you share with us. have a great day robin, and thank you for a chance to win an ipod linda

  29. Appetizer: Monterey Jack Salsa & Tortilla Chips
    Dinner: Grilled Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Medallions & Grilled Veggies
    Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake

  30. I’d love a family meal with my grandmas shrimp scampi as an appetizer, big juicy sloppy burgers with the works for dinner and my moms apple pie a la mode for dessert!!

  31. Appetizer: crab bisque, Main dish and sides: medium rare filet mignon with blue cheese butter, grilled asparagus and smoked gouda-bacon grits, Dessert: warm brownie with jack daniel’s honey ice cream.

  32. My imagination is running wild just thinking about this. Let’s see for appetizer I would have Ham and Cheese Pastry Puffs. For main course chili rellenos with queso sauce, spanish rice, and baracho beans. For dessert amaretto cheesecake. Yum!!!

  33. Chicken fried chicken-mashed taters with brown,gravy- cauliflower with white gravy- fried okra -corn- rolls and a glass of sweet ice tea. Chocolate cake with a dab of homemade vanilla ice cream.. Yum yum yum

  34. hmm.. how about bruschetta as the appetiser, followed by a light apple slaw. And for the main, lamb chops with baby potatoes, and steamed veggies on the side. As for dessert, a cheeseboard with a delicious variety of cheese, with grapes and apples 🙂 And a cheeky scoop of ice cream to finish?

  35. I would start with a smoked salmon on crackers. As an entree I would have bourbon grill flank steak with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. For dessert, a lemon meringue cheese cake with toasted marshmallow topping.

  36. Hi! Shrimp three ways – grilled, fried (coconut please) and chilled cocktail; a perfect steak frites; chocolate brownie delight!

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