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My laundry room has something new going on in there. Not only has it taken a beating from Christmas wrapping, new puppy feedings, and just the good ole day-to-day activities, now it gets to be the home of our incubator for chicks for the next few weeks.

How we decided to incubate them in my laundry room is still beyond my understanding. But on the bright side, they aren’t in the kitchen or dining room and at least I can close the door to that room and not have to see the big incubator on the counter.

But you’d think we had a swinging door installed anyway. Little Buddy is constantly going in to peak through the top window of the incubator to “check on the babies” and see if anything is happening. Mind you, we still have a good while until anything could be happening in there.

It makes a great homeschooling lesson, too.

  1. Learning all about how a hen naturally incubates a clutch of eggs versus how we help her out by incubating them in our handy-dandy incubator.
  2. Monitoring the temperature and water content in the incubator on a daily basis
  3. Tracking activity on a calendar for incubation and hatching the chicks
  4. Watching a new little life come out of the shell
  5. Caring for chicks when they are ready to leave the incubator and move into the brooder

There’s always something going on around here. We’ll have some sweet little cheeps before we know it.

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    we love hatching,we haven’t hatched this year BUT can’t wait til we start.You are so right about the schooling part that this has brought into HOMESCHOOL EDUCATION for all of us.It is a must to try if you haven’t.
    Have a safe New Year

  2. How eggs-citing (had to do it:).

    We started with day olds this summer, but I am hoping that I will get a broody hen or two to do the work next time! Have fun with your new babies; I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  3. How cool! I have a feeling I am going to be getting very acquainted with your homeschooling section soon, as we are planning on starting Colton this fall! Blessings!

  4. Last year, we hatched some eggs under our broody hen. Sadly, after 6 months, we discovered that they were ALL roosters. Figures. But there is a poultry show coming up that we will attend for 4H. I wonder if we’ll come home with a new feathered friend or two…

    1. I purchased it at our local farm supply store. You can also find them online at Amazon.