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What is it about planning a trip? My wanderlust tendencies grow stronger at just the mention of a trip and as I start planning – fuhgeddaboudit. I might as well declare myself useless in all other major projects. I become smitten with the entire process of planning and preparing and then drive everyone batty with all of the details.

At least I admit it.

We’re in the process of planning a trip out west this summer. My husband has business obligations in Colorado and we decided it would make a wonderful time to load up the RV and travel along.

We made a similar trip a few years ago with stops in Nashville and St. Louis where we then hopped on I-70 W with stops in Topeka, Denver and then on to Breckenridge. After Breckenridge, we stopped in Taos, Amarillo, and a few other amazing places.

While the trip will be somewhat similar on the way out, we’re  planning on driving on to Yellowstone National Park for a visit and to spend some time in Montana and Wyoming. We haven’t visited there in about five years and there are so many breath-taking and inspiring things to see and do there that we don’t want to miss.

I’d love to hear about your “must-see” spots in that area so I can include as many of them as possible in my planning.

And you know I’m going to share tons of RVing and camping tidbits as we’re planning and then along the way.

Happy Trails! (Corny, I know. I just couldn’t resist.)

Love ya,
Robyn xoxo

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  1. Everything in the southwest is a “must see” IMHO. But I was born in AZ, grew up in NM, went to college and met my husband in CO… So I’m a wee bit partial, I must say. Ever been to Carlsbad caverns in NM? Pretty cool!

  2. As much as I’d love a trip overseas, or a grand Disney World vacation, this actually is my idea of the perfect vacation. My husband and I have always talked about driving the whole California coast, up into Washington. Would love to do that one day!

  3. Oh goodness that sounds like an amazing trip. We love Breckenridge & that adorable main street in neighboring Frisco. Can’t wait to see your trip posted.

  4. If you go to Carlsbad caverns, which is cool, btw, let me know! I am one hour away!!! Where in Colorado? My brothers both went to school in Golden. The entire area is gorgeous…also Prescott or Jerome, AZ…neat places. Ruidoso, NM…lots of fun places. Can you tell it’s home lol?

  5. Last year I also made the trip to Yellowstone but from Los Angeles- what an amazing place!

    Cody, Wyoming is very cool- it is the home of Buffalo Bill and worth a trip to! I loved Jackson Hole too. Probably my favorite was just driving the open roads and taking a deep breathe- enjoy it!

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