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Have you started making plans yet for your new homeschool year?


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Normally, we school year round only taking a month off during the summer. But this year, we’ve taken a longer break than usual over the summer months due to camps, vacation plans, and family schedules. We are planning on starting back by Labor Day this year instead of in July as we usually do.

Since my brain has been in “extended summer break” mode this year, I’ve procrastinated in so much of our back-to-school planning. Since this will be our fifth year homeschooling, I have to admit that I let myself believe I had it well under control.

Well, this week while my husband and Little Buddy were away at Scout camp, I’ve dug deep in our homeschool planning.

Let’s just say, I plan on starting earlier next year!

What do you have planned for this coming year? Do you have any 8th grade curriculum suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Oh, good! I’m not the only one who schools year round, though the summer is homeschool “lite.”

    It is both wonderful and overwhelming how many curricula are available. I have a hard time choosing. We recently added Analytical Grammar to our regimen and have been happy with it so far. Math U See has been our math program from the beginning. I like IXL for online math review. I won’t bore you with all the other materials we use; it’s an eclectic mix, to say the least!

    I hope your school planning goes well. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

  2. We work on a calendar year instead of a traditional school year. Since we lived in the heat of the desert for so long- working through the summer made more sense wanting to stay inside during the hot months & taking off during the super busy time of fall & the holidays. Even though we moved to a different climate this past Dec we decided to keep the same schedule since the summer days are so long & we have plenty of time to enjoy them after we wrap up our school day.

    As far as curriculum- we have always used Alpha Omega- I love them because I feel they are well rounded, easy & straight forward. We are wrapping up 9th grade for the oldest now. I really like that for certain topics that should be discussed between parent & child- they have left out of the lessons & allowed the parent to bring it up at the time when it’s appropriate for the individual child/family. Instead of them deciding when to introduce those topics FOR the family.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide as I’m always looking for additional things to introduce to keep their minds fresh during the off months.

  3. This will be my fifth year homeschooling too, but my first year homeschooling my youngest daughter as she is going into kindergarten. We just ordered all of our school stuff yesterday. We go through Abeka and since we didn’t make it to the homeschooling conference this year, luckily Abeka sets up a few times in local hotels so we can buy our curriculum and get free shipping, kapow! We homeschool, from Mid October-April or May…and by the time February rolls around, I’m ready to be done. LOL!

  4. We also school year round. This fall will be the “start” of our 7th year homeschooling but our third year, year round. We work for 3 months than take a month off and so on. We switched to this schedule to avoid burn out and it has worked for us. We mix and match our curriculum. Math-u-see, Apologia for bible and science, A beka book for history along with The Story of the World, and The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading for English. Most of our stuff is multi-level which works well for our large family.

  5. We start next week, mostly because our charter school is back in session then. We have chosen some of our favorite things like story of the world, my son will be in the third grade. We also use Barton for some of our language arts because he is dyslexic. Usually, we school during the summer but this year he had a melt down and it just didn’t work so he got a good long break and will hit the books probably on Monday.