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It’s testing season in most school systems across the nation and depending on the state requirements, many homeschools are not exempt from providing standardized testing for their children. Standardized testing can actually be a fairly hot topic in many homeschooling circles. My small town is no exception to that either.

While we live in a state that requires standardized testing for homeschool children every third year, beginning at the end of their third grade year, we actually make sure that our son has standardized testing every year and not just on the required years. There are a few reasons why we’ve made this decision for our family that I’m happy to share with you:

  • Peace of mind. While I know that standardized testing does not provide a full picture of what my child has learned during our school year, it does provide me with the peace of mind I have a snapshot to compare from year to year.
  • Routine for testing. We’ve decided we want our son to become comfortable with the routine of testing to prepare him for testing he’ll experience during the state required testing years as well as later in his school career – such as college.
  • Official paperwork. When I first began homeschooling, a homeschooling friend of mine gave me this piece of advice, “consider having official testing done each school year for your records if nothing else. With official testing results, you’ll have a great deal of the information needed in the event something were to happen to you and you had to put your children in a public or private school system.”

While these are our reasons for deciding on annual standardized testing for our homeschool, I know there are many more  and just as many reasons to not test. It’s entirely a personal decision each homeschooling family has to make for themselves in the best interest of their children.

To determine your state’s homeschool testing requirements, I recommend using Homeschool Legal Defense Association as well as your own state and/ or local homeschool associations for information.


What do you think about annual homeschool testing? How do you handle it?

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