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I love my chickens.
We first started raising chickens when Little Buddy volunteered to his kindergarten teacher to bring home the chicks that his class hatched in the spring. So, on the Friday before Mother’s Day, we became caretakers of four week old chicks.
It reminded me of the book, “Are You My Mother?”

Our chickens have definitely been a huge adventure for us. We have repurposed a barn from Home Depot, you know the pre-built kind, into a chicken coop. We’ve researched how to free-range and raise them ethically. We’ve studied how to take care of them properly to get the best egg production while still caring for them as animals, not just producers.

And we have loved what they give us. Their beautiful, tasty, delicious eggs. I was leery at first, but I will tell you, store bought eggs just do not compare in my opinion. Not only the taste, but just the knowing.

Knowing what our girls eat, how they are cared for, and how much they are loved makes eating what they give us a pleasure. It’s their gift to us.

But I will tell you, as much as I love our chickens, I’m not jumping in line to sign the petition to change the Georgia state bird from the brown thrasher to a chicken. Would you?

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  1. My daughter is looking into getting chickens. We live in a small town of 1600 people. How many chickens do you think is a good number and is your repurposed shed vinyl or wood? Do they require heat in the winter? We live in the Quad City area which is 150 miles west of Chicago.

    1. Hi Virginia,
      How fun that your daughter is thinking about raising chickens. They are most definitely fun to have around. First, I would recommend checking local ordinances to make sure there won’t be any issues for raising chickens on your property in your area. It’s just great to begin by knowing the rules and regulations before you invest time and money in them.

      Our shed is wooden on the interior and vinyl exterior.

      Since we live in Georgia, our winters are fairly mild. We do keep heat lamps in the coop for the chickens overnight during cold weather.