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Well I’ll be dog gone. Saturday is Ice Cream Soda Day. I have wonderful memories from my childhood of drinking plenty of ice cream sodas. (Yes, Little Buddy, I really was a child once upon a time.)

My grandmother had these very special glasses that she would let my sister and me use on very special occasions to drink Kool-Aide or ice cream sodas. Now I know these were actually her parfait dishes, but my sister and I were just determined they were wine glasses. Being a devout Southern Baptist, it would have been pure scandalous for my proper, Christian grandmother to have had wine glasses.

She would mix some delicious ice cream sodas for us in those glasses though. My very favorite was what we called a Coke float. Half a glass of coke and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Now, that was the perfect treat on a hot summer day.

I think I’ll make one for Little Buddy. He will enjoy hearing the stories of how my grandmother made them when I was his age. There is something about traditions, Coke, and long stories in the South. I just wish I had those glasses to serve them in.

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  1. We always just called them "floats" (not ice cream sodas) – and I loved them… still do! Unfortunately, my kids don't share this love with me LOL ..Christopher hates pop in general (doesn't like the fizzy feeling) and Cindy, while liking pop & ice cream on their own, does NOT like them together at all. No sharing of floats for us!(But now that you have me thinking of them, I may just have to make one this weekend LOL)