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Add a Pinch Instant Pot Giveaway! //


Congratulations to Maureen Baressi, comment # 346 and email subscriber, Kim Holliday, for winning the Instant Pot Giveaway contest!

We’re preparing for a winter storm here in my neck of the woods (and based on weather reports, many of yours as well!). If you’ve ever been in the south when snow is in the forecast, you know we all head to the grocery store the minute we hear! But, as silly as that sounds, I’ve lived through enough winter storms to know that our problem really isn’t the snow. It is the ice that comes along with it around here!

Since I’m preparing by making a big batch of my Chicken Tortilla Soup in my Instant Pot, I knew it was the perfect time to share a couple as a a giveaway with you, too!

I’m giving away TWO of these Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cookers! One each to two lucky members of the Add a Pinch family. One will be randomly selected from the comments left on this post and the other will be randomly selected from the list of email subscribers.

These pressure cookers are a 7-in-1 multi-functional little wizard! They are also a slow cooker (which I love!), rice cooker (ditto!), steamer (yep!), porridge maker (still need to try!), yogurt maker (hello!), they brown (perfection!) and saute (awesome!). Whew! That’s a lot out of one little pot, isn’t it?

So, here’s the details on entering.

To Enter

Just leave a comment below telling me a recipe you’d love for me to share and you’d love to make using a pressure cooker! I’ll also be selecting one winner from my email subscriber’s list! If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can easily sign up below.


Giveaway ends Tuesday, January 10th at 11:59 PM eastern. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Wednesday.

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch. 

Love ya!
Robyn xo

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  1. Something hearty but vegetarian would be great! I’ve heard these are a busy mom’s dream! Hope I win and thanks for the chance!

  2. Something hearty and vegetarian would be great! I’ve heard these are a busy mom’s dream! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance!

  3. I see lots of soup recipes for pressure cookers but since this does so much other stuff, what about a “one pot” type dish instead?

  4. I have been eyeing up an Instapot for some time now. As a family, we have been eating more vegetarian and more dried beans. I have heard that Instapot makes dried beans much easier, so I would be making something using dried beans and if you have a vegetarian bean recipe, I am all ears! Thanks!

  5. I keep hearing about Insta Pots! I would love to see any really good chicken or vegetarian dinner recipe. I find a lot of slow cooker recipes to be not great, so always willing to try new ones!

  6. Have been looking at one of these for months and missed good prices over the holidays. Would love to win one!

  7. this would be such a great addition to my busy kitchen! i would love some recipes for makinga roast in the instant pot.

  8. I would love a good chicken recipe for the instapot. Slow cookers can give chicken a rubbery taste, I’d be really interested to see what an instapot can do.

  9. I love the idea of being able to cook a roast quickly. If you forget to put it in the crockpot in the morning you can still have it for dinner! Or maybe a shredded pork roast barbecue. Yum!

  10. I would love healthy slow cooker recipe for chicken cacciatore. Or a easy pork chop or chicken thigh crock pot recipe. I love the idea of a set it and forget it kind of meal πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway! I would love to see a beef short rib recipe! Again thanks πŸ™‚

  12. I would love a good soup for a cold winter snowy day. I love making a pork roast in my pressure cooker and would love to have new recipes for different flavors.

  13. I would love a yummy chicken noodle soup recipe , one with a rich, flavorful broth .
    A soup that would go with cornbread made in my grandma’s cast iron skillet . Yum!

  14. I would love a instapot braised lamb shank recipe hopefully with vegetables to puree down as a gravy. THANK YOU.

  15. A friend just purchased one and made spaghetti squash with italian sauce. That’s what I’d love to try!!

  16. I tried the white chicken chili. It’s so good. Had it today, actually. I would love more dairy free recipie! I have heard so much about the instant pot lately, I’d love to win!

  17. Looking out at the snow covering our neighborhood makes me want a good recipe for a warm, gooey, rich, decadent fudge pudding cake!

  18. Crazy idea/question — it mentions that you can pasteurize milk in the Insta-pot. Can you pasteurize eggs in it? When you need pasteurized eggs for something, you always have to buy a dozen, and it would be really convenient to be able to pasteurize whatever eggs you have on hand if you needed one or two for mayonnaise or hollandaise.

  19. I would LOVE for you to share any recipe (sweet or savory) that is lemony. I would love to try a short rib recipe in the pressure cooker! πŸ™‚ And the 10th is my 40 something bday! would be a great gift!

  20. I’d love to see a Posole instant pot recipe or maybe a good beef stew. Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing looking appliances, I’ve heard such fantastic reviews of them.

  21. A recipe on how to cook a juicy, delicious roast! I don’t know where I’ve been but I’m new to this instant pot thing and want one badly!

  22. I don’t have any suggestions as I’ve never owned or used one so I have no idea what I would make in one. I do however use my Crock-Pot quite often

  23. This is the first I’ve heard of this kind of pot. Hope I win so I can try out all its capabilities. I don’t know where to begin with suggesting recipe. Maybe a good veggie soup.

  24. I have heard that you can make a cheesecake with the instant pot. I would love to see a recipe for that and a comparison to oven baked cheesecake.

  25. Chicken & Dumplings!! Oh my gosh, I love them and I’ve made them in a regular crock pot before but they still take a good while. I would love to know how they would do in this pot! πŸ™‚

  26. I am terrible at making soup – something that sounds so easy always turns out watery and flavorless. I would love a great vegetable soup or corn chowder recipe.


  28. Some healthy recipes right now, even ones for the instant pot or slow cooker. Trying to lose a few pounds.Thanks for the giveaway. Stay warm and dry.

  29. So trying to find delicious, quick, healthy comfort food!! I want warm stuffs right now, but my waistline (and pants) can’t handle any more goodies.
    I would love to have one of the instapots! Especially during soccer-dance-martial arts season!

  30. Chicken breasts from frozen. I make the chicken in a crockpot all the time to shred and freeze for a variety of meals. Would love to test the quality and speed in an instapot!

  31. I’d love some really good soups and stews! I really need a good recipe for a chunky potato soup. Would love to see that! Also would love to see a roast!

  32. A very comforting pot roast with gravy made during cooking.
    Perfect for these colder winter evenings!
    Thank you!

  33. I love that you can do anything you can do in a crock pot in these in less time. I have not figured out many soups, though. I would love to get some more soup recipes.

  34. I’m all for a recipe that features beef roast – preferably a chuck roast. Ah heck – I would love any recipe!!!

  35. I love any kind of recipes with chicken breasts….. Especially frozen (I feel like I’m saving so much more time cooking from frozen!).

  36. Some kind of Indian-themed dish – with lots of flavor! Would love to know how this makes rice that isn’t plain and sauces!

  37. With March and St Patrick’s Day coming up, I would like a recipe for corned beef and cabbage. My mom used to make it in her pressure cooker, but I can’t find her recipe.

  38. I would love to see spadini made in the Instant Pot. Something fancy made simple like spadini would be awesome!

  39. I would love a new recipe for chicken noodle soup. I really need to win this pot, because my husband insists on using his grandmother’s ancient pressure cooker, and he refuses to buy a new one. I appreciate the sentimentality, but the old thing terrifies me! It sounds like a bomb is going to explode every time he uses it! Lol

  40. Two pressure cooker recipe requests actually! A chili and an Asian inspired dish, maybe something with chicken?

  41. I would like a recipe for chicken or turkey soup. Whenever I make either they are so bland. I feel like I put lots of spices and good broth but something’s not working. I’m always disappointed.

  42. I’d love a good gnocchi soup recipe. Not the usual sausage and gnocchi. Som thing a bit different than the usual ?

  43. I love any soup! Especially chicken noodle. I’d love to win this… I’ve never used one before but love to cook.

  44. I would love to make beef and broccoli in it. I would like you to post a recipe for cream of broccoli soup

  45. Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my beautiful 26 year old daughter!
    I would like a really good pulled pork recipe to use in this great kitchen wonder!

  46. I am very intrigued by the Instant Pot since it has so many functions. I would like to try some chicken based soup and casserole recipes. Can’t wait for the release of your cookbook!

  47. I would like a good roast beef recipe, for the instant pot. So many good meals can be made from one large roast and the chuck roasts are on sale this week!

  48. If l won the free Instant Pot
    I would surely use it a lot.
    Add a Pinch would help me cook
    With online help and not a book.

    Not a Burma Shave poem — if you are old enough to remember Burma Shave signs.

    Thank you for being so giving. Instant Pot is so popular and everyone wants one.

  49. I second a beef stew recipe (or stew with venison!). I enjoy your blog and your take on recipes. And loved your tweet this past Christmas.

  50. I would love to try a recipe for a breakfast item. I’m always looking for faster ways to make a hearty breakfast for my hungry little munchkins! How about a recipe for French toast casserole or cinnamon rolls or a savory dish with potatoes and sausage.

  51. Could you please post vegetarian chili recipe? I would love to make that for my office colleagues in the Instant Pot, if I get lucky πŸ™‚

  52. How about a porridge recipe? I’m itching to try the porridge function on the #IP! On a chilly morning here in the south, 39* (brrrrr….haha), I’m thinking hot porridge would be amazing!

  53. Although I live in South Africa and we are in a heat wave (30=33degs) I am going to try your Salmon recipe sounds perfect for us. I have a special file for ally your recipes. and in June – September I will be trying all your soups, chicken etc. Then hearing about all your summer ones ready for November – March.

  54. I would love to see you share a Creamy Tomato Basil Soup recipe! I also would love to make your White Chicken Chili in the Insta Pot! It looks so good! Yum!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway, Robyn!

  55. I would love to know how to make chicken and dumplings in the pressure cooker. My mom made these alot before she passed away.

  56. I would like to see a good recipe for rice pudding in the Instant Pot. I still can’t tell if it is “safe” to try. The Instant Pot folks seem to warn against it, but maybe other people are doing it on bowls within the pot? I just can’t find a source I trust, and I get a real hankering for rice pudding a couple times a year.

  57. Can you cook a roast in an Instant pot? If so, I would love to see your Balsamic pork roast in there! I’m a teacher, usually gone from 7-4 or 5 so there aren’t too many recipes I can leave in a crockpot that long. I would love to try the instant pot!

  58. I’d love to have a recipe for something that browns in the Instant Pot. I’m not experienced with using pressure cookers at all! I’d love to win one so I can try learning this cooking technique.

  59. I would love a lamb recipe for the pressure cooker. I would feel so blessed to win this! We were just talking about getting one to learn great delicious quick meals. They are much out of our price range. Thank you for this opportunity!

  60. This is a weird one…. I’m vegetarian and my husband is allergic to legumes, but I crave chili in the winter do you happen to have a vegetarian, bean-less recipe? I know, it sounds like an oxymoron. Thanks!

  61. I would love to see some kind of plant based soup or chili! What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  62. We had your pork roast on New Years Day, and it was so good! I’d love to see an Instant Pot recipe for that. Thank you for the chance to win!

  63. My husband is a new long-haul trucker, and I want to get him an instant pot to use in his truck, so he could cook meals instead of trying to live off of unhealthy truck stop food. So I would love to see some recipes that do not require a ton of prep, but are easy to just throw in and cook, either on slow-cooker mode that can cook while he is driving, or other things that cook faster in the other modes that he can make during his downtime. He loves to cook, and is from Mexico, so he loves savory flavors, but doesn’t like to mix sweet and savory. Any recipe suggestions to fit that bill?

  64. I would love a recipie for split pea soup or ham and bean soup my two favorite soups. And I made the vegetable soup and I use ground venison instead of hamburger meat and it was really delicious and this cooker would be great for use in my camper since we like to travel a lot so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Happy New Year.

  65. Hi Robin, I would love a good pinto bean recipe, Mexican style, similar to beans a la charro from Chevy’s Restaurant. Yummy

  66. I’d love to see a Pace Pacante Salsa made. Personally, if I had a pressure cooker, I would make pulled pork!

    Pick me for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  67. We just tried potato bacon soup made in an instant pot. The chef said it was sooo easy, even precooked potatoes in it. Wish we’d have tried it before Christmas.
    Tons and tons of recipes out there for instant pot.
    Potato bacon or been cheese soup, please.

  68. Easy dinner ideas for a busy family of five!
    Yogurt that’s not all full of sugar
    Something unusual that only this magical insta pot can create

  69. Hey Robyn

    Since we are in the middle of a storm, I would love a recipe for a great chili using ground turkey.


  70. We enjoy a stove top version of homemade creamy chicken and noodles that’s simple to make and would love to see a recipe for it in the insta pot that I would be thrilled to win!

  71. Hi Robyn, I want an Instant Pot so badly! I would love to make a quick and tender pot roast. Thank you πŸ™‚

  72. Hi Robin. I would love a recipe for savory beef stew like my mom used to cook in her old pressure cooker, so many years ago when I was a little girl.. Thank you : )

  73. Porridge–I have no idea how it is made or what the ingredients are, so it would be interesting to see and since you want to try it–seems like a win-win!!

  74. Had some delicious short ribs at a local restaurant recently….hearty and falling apart tender, a perfect winter meal. I think a recipe for them in the instant pot would be a winter winner!

  75. A chicken and rice soup with vegetables would be great, I think, to do in much less time in a pressure cooker.

  76. I would love make Jamaican Curried Oxtails in the instant pot. I’ve been researching pressure cookers to purchase and this one sounds ideal for me.

  77. I have never owned or used a pressure cooker but I have always wanted one. I would love to try so many things. Roasts, ribs, any recipie you post would be fantastic.

  78. I really enjoy my pasta sauce made from scratch, but it takes all day to simmer. Would love to make in quickly in the instant pot.

  79. There is an amazing split pea & hamhock soup that my family makes every year with the leftover ham from Christmas. All told it takes a 4 hour labor intensive block of time to make a batch. I would love to be able to try this in the instant pot. Throw everything in and come back to a hands free delicious instant pot version!

  80. I would love to have a pressure cooker. I have been meaning to get one for a while but something always comes up and I forget.

  81. Chicken and wild rice soup! These cold winter days I want something hearty that doesn’t require me to be out from my blanket very long.

  82. Coq Au Vin! I love this classic dish but never have the time! Please and thank you Ma’am! jb

  83. I would love for you to share your go-to weeknight meals. I’ve heard so much about Instant Pots and have one on my wish list! I would love to know how to cook a chicken in an Instant Pot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. I have always y been afraid of the pressure cookers although I absolutely love to oil d cooked in them. I would love to see a creamy potato soup. My favorite in the winter , but one I have never been able to conquer

  85. Recipes for the instant pot would be chicken wings, lentil soup, barley soup, a yummy roast, and a broccoli cheese and rice soup! Thank you for the giveaway!

  86. I would love to see a recipe for a noodle dish like lasagna! Of course, I am brand new to this so any recipe is welcome. πŸ™‚

  87. I had this on my Christmas list. I did not get one and would LOVE to win! I would love to see some chicken pastry made in one! My Mema makes the best homemade chicken pastry!

  88. I have always love taking a toughest piece of meat, coating it in a
    rub, and then smoking it for 4 hrs. then covering it in a brine and another
    4-6 hours. this little guy would save me a ton of time.

  89. My mom use to make the best pork chops and potatoes in her pressure cooker. She woild brown the chops first in the cooker then add the potatoes. They would come out browned and delicious! I was always afraid to use a pressure cooker. This instant pot looks like something i could handle. Thanks for the chance.

  90. I’ve been wanting to get a pressure cooker for awhile now but I missed out on the awesome Black Friday sale on Amazon. I’d be interested in making a quick pot roast…or perhaps try an asian curry recipe!

  91. Lasagna! I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but that would be delicious and so much faster with an Instant Pot. πŸ™‚

  92. This pot would be worth it’s weight in gold! I’ve never heard of this before! My mom used to cook everything in her old pressure cooker. Wow, did that thing make noise!

    It was below 0 degrees last night and expected to be in the teens tonight! I’m trying to make all our “keep ourselves warm” meals healthier, starting with a long time family favorite: a great chili recipe, and any other recipes designed to warm us from the inside out! Making the recipe healthier being the first step, followed by planning and cooking methods, too — can you help?

  93. How about lasagna!.. not fancy, but fulfilling and on a budget, I am feeding 7 babies…. If I won id love to cook an apple crisp, my hubby doesn’t do pie, but this is perfect warm apple crisp weather!

  94. A beef curry stir fry! Thanks for hosting such a super LOVELY and GENEROUS giveaway!
    Happy New Year!

  95. I’d like to see a beef stew recipe… I’m sure I’ll be ne making many stews and soups this Winter!

  96. I am very interested in this Instant Pot. I cook at least one a week in my slow cooker. How about a pot roast recipe?

  97. My favorite soup is chicken tortilla, too! My recipe came from a dear friend. I bet it would be delicious in an instant pot!

  98. I’m hoping to try MANY recipies in this awesome Instant Pot. I’ve never had one but a friend of mine just purchased one and keeps sharing recipes on Facebook! I’m gone to work all day and would love to be able to put supper in the Instant Pot and come home to supper cooked and ready for us! I can’t wait to try many fun recipes!

  99. I have mastered chicken for the most part but, I would like to understand how to cook more beef and porkchops without having to use the grill during the winter season. I am a working mother so it’s extreamly helpful when I can make one meal and then use the leftovers that will transition into a different meal for later on in that week.
    Thank you for your time and consideration. All the best, KW

  100. I don’t have a particular recipe I am looking for, I am just trying to collect as many as I can before I get one. πŸ™‚

    1. I just wanted to say I made your best chocolate cake ever recipe last night and it was a huge hit. Everyone wanted the recipe. Thanks so much.

  101. Would be interesting to see how lamb shank stew could be prepared in the Instant pot, a dish which would normally take hours. Thank you.

  102. I would love to you to share more recipes using beef using the pressure cooker. Lol I know everyone one doesn’t eat this but I would to try pigs feet!

  103. Love to have some greens cooked in the instant pot, and as I pen this I am thinking some pinto beans would be great.

  104. The Instant Pot seems amazing. I would like to have one pot recipes that are a complete layered meal. I don’t know if it is possible but maybe starting at the bottom with a rice, noodle or potato layer, then the meat with sauce and then the vegetables. Maybe the veggies would have to be added half thru to remain al dente. I don’t have experience with an Instant Pot to know it’s cooking methods could handle this. Hopefully nothing would have to be precooked, but if it does, it could be cooked in the Instant Pot, then removed and added later.

    If this is not possible, I’d like to have an Indonesian Beef Rendang recipe. It normally has coconut milk added; I don’t know how such a pot would handle coconut milk during a pressure cooking phase … maybe it could be added at the final phase and cooked with the lid off to finish off the dish.
    Thank you! Happy New Year!

  105. I would love to see a nice recipe with lamb. Or, maybe a good Southern okra recipe for when my new in laws come to visit in April. Love your Site! Best waffles EVER!!

  106. I’m constantly wracked with envy because my cousin has an instantpot and makes EVERYTHING with it! I have a solid feeling of go hog wild as well. My first instantpot meal would my to die for pulled pork that I’ve only ever made in a crockpot.
    Pork roast (2-3 lbs)
    1 yellow onion, sliced
    5 or so cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed
    12 oz (or so) Dr. Pepper
    Lots of salt and pepper
    Cook until roast shreds easily
    Drain almost all the liquid and shred the pork
    Stir in bbq sauce of your choice until you get the moisture level you desire
    We like to toast hamburger buns, pile on the pulled pork, add some Tillamook cheddar and put under the broiler.
    Leftovers get turned into nachos the next day.

  107. I’d love to have a great pot roast recipe. I have tried so many but none have been a “keeper”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. I get very busy at times so an Insta Pot will be a great asset. I would like a casserole recipe that takes not more than 30 minutes to prepare. Thanks

  109. Can you do a corned beef or a pastrami in this Instant Pot ??? I love these two mandatory sandwich ingredients when I’m hankering for a really GOOD AUTHENIC SANDWICH !!!

  110. This would be fantastic as I spend most of my life in the kitchen cooking for my allergy kiddos. This would cut my time in half!

  111. Awesome..I had a pressure cooker on my wish list this year for Christmas.
    Sad to say Santa didn’t bring it..haha.
    I have been wanting a safe version because my moms older model is not..can you say disaster.
    I want to make everything in it.
    And,mound love to see recipes for yogurt for sure.
    Also home jams and a way to use to put up fresh produce.and motors, beets apples .for canning..freezing maybe.
    Thanks so much.
    I have been a subscriber for several years now.

  112. It would be nice to enjoy a speedy version of Beef Bourguignon,Robyn. I understand you can brown right in an Instant Pot and then add the onions and mushrooms with stock and wine and have this Winter treat quickly. It would be great to be able to enjoy this on a weeknight with an Instant Pot and your recipe!

  113. Since my neighbor pressure cooker exploded and there was a sea of greens hanging from the ceiling I have been fearful of a pressure cooker. My neightbor still has not forgiven me for laughing. Any beginner receipe for someone rather fearful would be wonderful. I may give to my neighbor even.
    Thank you and enjoy your day.

  114. I would love to see a recipe for good pulled pork. I have tried making it in the slow cooker but it seems to get a little dried or something, just not the right shredding texture.

  115. I just found your blog and am loving it!! I’d love a recipe for white chicken chili…or perhaps a copycat Olive Garden zuppa toscana. Yum! And of course an instant pot to cook it in! ?

  116. I would use an Instant Pot to do all sorts of things like pot roast, chili, soups, meat. This would be super duper to have. I don’t have much time to cook on school nights.

  117. A hearty beef stew is always in season, but especially when Winter comes. Love all the carrots, potatoes and their sweetness in the pot, not to mention a sort of pulled beefy texture. Add your own taste in herbs to be different and you have your own one-of-a-kind recipe. Always in demand. On another note, Robyn, I have been a big fan of your site since last year. Your recipes are precise (love your notes/tips), simple to follow and I always find that I am successful when done. I have to add that your little stories and pictures are a plus as well. Great site and now one of my most “go to’s.” Happy New Year! Keep those recipes rollin’.

  118. I would really enjoy seeing a good recipe for a bean with bacon soup made in the instant pot or pressure cookers. I have to overcome the memories of old pressure cooker warnings about not cooking beans in the pressure cookers due to plugged vents then big blow ups! The new ones are so different I am told. Thanks foe such a great website. Your recipes help me so much with gluten free needs!

  119. I am just recently hearing about this Instant Pot and would love anything that would help speed up cooking dinner after work. I would love to have one and see a recipe for broccoli cheese soup.

  120. I’m a huge fan of you’re site! Your recipes have been my savior to many dinners for my family ! I would love to win this pot to speed up the process for dinner for my hungry fireman of a husband and my daughters ages 2&4 I also think it would be a safe way to include My girls to making family dinners. I would love to have a pot roast recipe to try with the pressure cooker. Thanks again for sharing all your recipes.

  121. I have just seen some recipes for an instant pot and would love the opportunity to try them out with rice pudding being my first!!