I’ve loved reading about everyone’s favorite kitchen tools over the last couple of days! From wooden spoons, cast iron skillets, mixers, and zesters, you all definitely have some great ones!

Congratulations to Jeff Bigelow, comment #341.

Here’s what he shared about his favorite kitchen tool:

“My favorite is a 10″ cast iron deep pan. Originally the guys in our family took it camping. It’s  now found its way into my home where it rarely leaves the stove top. Great breakfasts through warm lunches and killer dinners.”

I agree, Jeff! There’s nothing like great cast iron cookware!


Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it is March already?! It just seems like the older I get, the faster time flies. I’d love to be able to slow it down just a little bit. Maybe if we could insert another day into the week? That sure would help me a ton! Of course, I’d do my best to insert it so that we had a three-day weekend every week! Ha!

Yesterday, I prepped salads for a week’s worth of grab-and-go lunches to help make our lunchtime easier and save time. As I was chopping away, I realized how much I use and depend on my knives.

When I first married, I purchased the most inexpensive set of knives thinking that all knives were the same. Then, I was given a few really good essential knives – chefs, paring, and a bread – which opened my eyes to the importance of a really great knife.

Over the years, I’ve added to my collection and knew that a great knife set might be something you would enjoy as well. I actually picked up this same knife set when we were in Daytona for the RV and fell in love with them!

I think you’ll love them, too!

Knife Set Giveaway from addapinch.com


To enter, leave a comment on this post about your favorite kitchen tool.

This giveaway ends Wednesday, March 4th at 11:59 PM eastern. I’ll randomly select the one winner and contact him or her via email and update this post. Good luck!

Love ya!
Robyn xo


This giveaway is sponsored by Add a Pinch because you are the best! 






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  1. I have ONE good knife (and it’s not even that good). But I will search it out under a sink full of dishes every time I need a knife, if necessary. It cuts cheese soooo thin! 🙂

  2. My Silpat is my favorite tool. I wish I could say it was my kitchen knife. My dad, a chef, dies a little inside every time he has to use my knives to prep meals. This knife set would make us all happy.

  3. I love having a great big cutting board that sits on the counter all the time. With little kids, I’m always cutting something at every meal & snack. Wish I could say the same about my knife set! I’ve had it for years and it’s actually a hand me down from my mom. Thanks for doing such a terrific giveaway!

  4. I love my cookie scoops. Not only for cookies but muffins, meatballs, cupcakes, mini meatloaf, and the list goes on!

  5. My favorite tool in the kitchen, is the tray that goes in my grill for smaller items like shrimp, vegs. burgers. Makes cooking on the grill a lot easier.
    You have a Blessed Day !

  6. That kitchen knife is the best kitchen tool to have but only if it’s sharp. Sharpening knives is an art many people do not understand. So if you don’t have a great sharpening machine you better have a great butchers history. So please be careful and enjoy your kitchen experience like I do. Hoping to win.

  7. Love this website and all of the recipes!!! I will be trying the bacon meatloaf recipe tonight!!! Can’t wait.

  8. I love sharp knives. I have arthritis really bad in my hands I have to have sharp ones to cut anything. Had to get a good one a while back since I am 54 and was still using some my mothers old knives. Would love to have this set.

  9. I had an all purpose knife that just fit my hand. Over the years, the wood split and the blade fell out. This friend said he could make me a new handle and took my blade and then just disappeared from the face of the earth. It took me holding knives in my hand several years before I found another knife. That knife is almost like my Gingher scissors – touch them and you die. So, my knife is my favorite kitchen too. Now to have a whole set would be like going to Heaven!

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