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My son has always loved Alexander stories by Judith Viorst. I think he has them just about memorized we’ve read them so much.

There are days when I think Ms. Viorst was surely peeking in our windows when she wrote these stories, but she wrote them before I even had a window to peek in. Meaning the stories are timeless, right?

As we were having a refresher on money this week, I thought of combining one of Little Buddy’s favorite characters with money. In Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday, Alexander recounts how his money was gained and lost.

Here’s how I turned it into a lesson.

We started a sheet of paper with how much money Alexander was given. Then, each time he mentioned how much money he spent, Little Buddy had to write it down and calculate how much was left.

Then, throughout the week, I would call out an amount of money that was spent and ask him to tell me how much that was. For example: Alexander spent two dimes and three nickels. How much did he spend? How much money does he now have left?

Not only has Little Buddy had a great time using Alexander as part of his lesson, he’s gotten quicker in mentally calculating his money. And, that makes for a positively, wonderful, very good day.

Any great lessons you’d like to share with us?

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