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A few weeks ago we took a field trip to visit my friend Amy in South Carolina to work on a project. My husband loved the idea of taking a day off to go flying and my son was all for having a day out of our normal homeschool routine. For me though, it was a little bit like Christmas morning waking up knowing that in just a little bit I was going to get to see my friend! We talk nearly everyday, but aren’t able to see each other as often as I would like.

I knew I didn’t want the day to be a complete “off” day for my son from homeschooling, so I decided we’d have a little bit of a lesson on our trip. We’d have a few hours in the plane and if you’ve ever been flying in a small plane, you can just imagine all of the possible lessons!

Since we’d been studying atmosphere and clouds, I knew it would be a perfect real-life lesson and I was right!


Our morning began early, just as the sun was rising.


I brought along a printed and laminated copy of NASA’s Sky Watch Chart that we’d been using as part of our lessons on clouds. Armed with a dry erase marker, Little Buddy marked the clouds he found during our flight. I loved the discussion he and my husband had about watching the clouds build throughout the day and why they do.



Their discussions included which clouds you want to steer away from when flying and how to spot them on with your eyes as well as on the radar in the plane.


We had the added bonus of lessons in navigation, air speed, currents, and winds and wind speed.


And were able to enjoy seeing a sunrise and a sunset the same day as a family.

I think we may take more of these field trips. We learned a whole lot more than I ever imagined.


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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Logistically, I’m sure it’s not as easy as saying “Let’s go flying today” but having a pilot on hand is truly a unique aspect of your family. Being able to take advantage of the unique aspects of our family’s talents is one of the many benefits of homeschooling.

    And thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us.


  2. You don’t get much more hands on and memorable than that!

    We haven’t taken the boys up in a private plane like that in ages. Although they are quite privileged to have flown jumpseat in the 737 (and a few smaller planes) on paint/maintenance or repositioning flights.

    What kind of plane did y’all fly? Austin and Noah both want to be pilots. I imagine we,er.. they, will be a purchasing a plane when the time comes. David has owned 2 planes in his early days- a Piper Cherokee and a Cessna 310. *sigh Such great memories!