One of the joys of homeschooling that we are looking forward to is being able to have homeschool while taking family trips, etc. Yesterday, we set out on a five hour drive to meet up with Dad for a week long RV trip. (He had to go ahead for business and we had to wait for end of school).

As usual, I was rushing around to get us on the road by the time I had “planned.” (I am a planner!) I have to admit, I had a lead foot and a hurried disposition. About 30 minutes down the road, flashing blue lights greeted me in my rear view mirror.

To begin with I was just sure he needed to get past me for an accident or something so I moved into another lane to let him by me. He didn’t leave my rear view mirror. As a matter of fact, he was even closer than before.

I pulled over and he came to my side of the car and very politely told me that he had clocked me doing 74 in a 55! He was very nice and I apologized for speeding. He reminded me it was a major holiday weekend and he just wanted me to keep my family safe on the road. What a wake up!!!

As I pulled away from my wake up call to slow my behind down, Little Buddy said, “Mama, we need to work on reading those signs.”

I guess we are definitely learning lessons on the road.

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