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Sometimes I forget the important lessons Little Buddy learns from afternoons spent with his Daddy. And then I wander up to the hanger to check on the boys (my husband and Little Buddy) only to find all sorts of great learning opportunities going on.

I normally think they are up at the hangar piddling around finding something to do out of the house. Sometimes, they are fixing a whatnot that has somehow gotten broken – often by me. And then, there are times when they are working on one of their projects.

And believe me, their projects are major undertakings.

Like my husband designing and building stacking chicken brooders because he knew he could design one better than the ones he’d seen in the store. Or totally overhauling our first motorhome down to the bare wood. Or making furniture or reupholstering the interior of his airplane.

Yeah, there is always something cool going on up in that hangar.

But the project they were working on this particular day, well, it even got my attention. And sometimes that’s hard to do.

But when Little Buddy started explaining to me about what he and his Daddy was doing, I listened.

He enthusiastically began telling me about how his Daddy was riveting the metal together and why he had to rivet the pieces for the structure to be right. He then began whispering to me about how this was going to be his airplane when it was finished. How he was going to learn to fly when he was older and he take me up to see the leaves changing colors and even fly us to the beach when we wanted to go.

He was breathless with excitement and he couldn’t wait to share about all he was going to do in this airplane one day.

And in the midst of his eagerness to spend time with his Daddy working on “his” airplane, he also learned a bit about metrics and conversions and weights and balances. But mostly, he learned about dreaming big and working hard.

And those are some of the best afternoon lessons with Daddy.

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  1. I think that my kids have learned more in the shop with Daddy then they have in the “schoolroom” with me!! How sweet that your little guy is learning – practical, life lessons! – with someone he loves. πŸ™‚ Homeschooling is such a treasure, isn’t it?!

  2. “How he was going to learn to fly when he was older and he take me up to see the leaves changing colors and even fly us to the beach when we wanted to go.”

    Oh my gosh, that is precious!

  3. Those photos are really wonderful! How exciting that your Little Buddy gets to do such interesting projects with his Dad. There is so much to be learned from building things. Love that he wants to fly you in his plane. That is really special. πŸ™‚