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Wondering where you can squeeze in more living math lessons? We have fit in a few this week. The more I began looking for living math opportunities, the more I seemed to find. Here are some that we had this week. I am sure there were many more that I failed to include.

1. Couponing. I’ve mentioned this before in another post. Or was it on Twitter? Anyway, I was excited and shocked at how much Little Buddy enjoyed clipping and then using coupons. He was on a mini-scavenger hunt all through the grocery store with me. He would compare prices for me and calculate the new price. Great math lesson. He read a good deal as well. And of course, we used some of the savings we had for an Icee on the way out. 🙂 Fun and rewards were had by all.

2. Golf. During Little Buddy’s golf camp, I heard the coach giving them scores from 1-10 on their hits. The first one to get to a certain number one the “shoot-out.” He would ask the children what their score was as they went along. He made them add their scores. If they missed their adding, he would correct them nicely. They had a vested interest in making sure their adding was correct and had to do it rather quickly. Great lesson.

3. Tennis. Similar to golf, but the children were keeping score in a tennis match themselves. Amazing how sharp they are with their math skills when they are competing in a game.

4. Allowance. We handle our allowance a little differently lately. Little Buddy receives a certain amount each week and then extra for additional chores, such as helping with yard work, etc. He has to divide his allowance equally into three categories: 1) spend 2) save 3) donate. This is his responsibility to manage and know his balances each week. (With just a wee bit of help :))

5. Toys. Little Buddy has been saving his allowance for a while for a special Lego. Before we could go to the store to get this Lego, he had to be sure that he had enough allowance in his spending category to use. We remind him that tax also has to be included in purchases and ask him to estimate how much he expects to spend in tax. This is a little bit advanced since we are just beginning to work on our multiplication. At least he understands the reason why he needs to know his multiplication facts.

These are some of the living math lessons that I recognized this week. What about you? Do you have special lessons that I should look to include in our lives. Leave a comment to share.

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  1. AAh cutting coupons as a math lesson is a fabulous idea. Never did that one but should have thought of it.

  2. AAh cutting coupons as a math lesson is a fabulous idea. Never did that one but should have thought of it.