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My family loves me. They really do. I think they even get my quirkiness — some days.
They are pretty supportive of this photography obsession I have. Always pointing a camera at them, saying stuff like, “hold it right there. Great one.” And of course always taking way longer to actually get “the picture” than I intended.

Our simple walks become filled with tons of stops and starts so I can “get this” or “capture that.”

And now, I get to share with you just such a little segment.


This was the photograph I was after during our walk on the pier.

But greedily, I asked Little Buddy for just one more. {Don’t judge me}


And this is what I got. Funny.

But wait. It gets better.


Who in the world did he think he was hiding from with this pose?


And he obviously was not going to hang around for another shot. So what did I do?

Like any great Mom with a camera, I kept snapping!


And got this little jewel. Oh when I think how easy it would have been to have just stopped taking pictures after the one I wanted. I would have totally missed this one.


And then, like Dug in the movie “UP,” my eye wandered over here.


And then over here. I am drawn to the color red. And boats. I had a thing for boats.

How do you get your children to want to participate in photographs?

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