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One of the goals of our homeschool is for Little Buddy to learn about the world we live in, our history, and how we can make the world better than we found it.

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday. Growing up, I knew a little bit about Martin Luther King, Jr. What I really remembered was our being out of school. I want more for Little Buddy. I want him to understand this man’s dream. I want him to know about the world before MLK and be able to see the difference he made in the world. What’s more, I want him to believe in his heart that one person working hard can make a difference.

Together, we watched MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech from August 1963. We discussed the timeframe of the world, Abraham Lincoln’s work to free the slaves and the continued repressions bringing about MLK’s work. We had a long talk about how we treat people and how we think of others.

For today and our school, I didn’t want to just have a day off of school or color pictures to celebrate MLK’s life. I had a dream of a better day.

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