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I’m sick. I’ve been fighting what I thought was just a winter cold for a while now. I knew I’d probably just picked it up from being out and about around town, at a Christmas party, ball game, or even the grocery store. To say it kicked my booty would be an understatement. I just haven’t been able to shake it.

I’ve just been dragging along thinking any morning I’d wake up completely better. Do you think that when you get sick? I think Moms always think we’ll just miraculously be well any minute now, but are the first ones to load up our children to the pediatrician when they have a sniffle. Well, at least I do.

I’ve eaten candy canes to the point my tree has bare spots where I’ve snagged them off the tree. I’ve coughed and coughed and coughed some more to the point I don’t think I could cough any more and I’ve kept my whole family awake more nights than I’m sure they will admit. Even Tinkerbell has gotten aggravated at my constant coughing. I think she’s over it already. She’s got a good point. It has been pretty annoying.

As in perfect timing, the UPS fella dropped off a pretty special box for me the other day along with all of our Christmas packages – a box from Mighty Leaf Tea. Full of a variety of full leaf artisanal teas, I immediately made a cup of their ginger twist tea.

When I opened the packet of tea, I could actually smell the most amazing aroma of ginger, lemongrass, fruit and mint. And I hadn’t been able to smell much of anything. Not only could I smell the difference from other teas I’d tried in the past, I could see the difference. The pouch was beautifully made, displaying the artistry of the blending. Whole leaves of tea, herbs, and spices all beautifully combined for the eye and the palate.

I’ve now become rather spoiled. Mighty Leaf Tea is a tea you’d expect to find at the finest of hotels or restaurants and a cup is absolutely a work of art. I’ll definitely have to keep a selection of these teas on hand.

I am looking forward to cooking with these teas as well. From brining to baking, there are blends that will work wonderfully.

And guess what? Mighty Leaf Tea is giving away a lovely assortment of teas to one lucky Add a Pinch reader. It won’t be long til you’ll be singing their praises, too.

How to Enter:
Just enter a comment on this post to enter. I’ll utilize to select the winner on Tuesday, December 21st.

Disclaimer: Mighty Leaf Tea provided me with an assortment of teas to try and is supplying the giveaway for one reader. But my opinions are most definitely my own. I was not compensated for this post.

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  2. we really enjoy tea at this house and this assortment looks divine; quality tea is hard to come by as most look like powder so you know you really have something special when you can actually see and smell the freshness thru the tea bags. Hope you feel better soon Robyn – and sure would like to win this!

  3. That is a gorgeous box of tea! I drink tea when I am out at specialty shops for the most part. I’ve bought boxes of tea at the grocery store and have only found one I can drink as just tea without adding anything.

  4. We have all been sick also 🙁 guess its the season. boo! and yes- I think all moms except to wake up better one day. 😉

    but what a lovely box of teas! I would love to win them 🙂

  5. I LOVE hot tea, and so does my mother in law. I always turn the kettle on when she comes over. I’d love to win so I could share this with her!!

  6. My mom and I both love tea and it would be so fun to share this. That ginger twist tea sounds so good. Thanks for the giveaway and hope you feel better!

  7. Hope you get to feeling better and have a wonderful Christmas with your family! I love a cup of tea in the afternoon with a cookie as a treat to myself….yum!

  8. This is so true…”I think Moms always think we’ll just miraculously be well any minute now, but are the first ones to load up our children to the pediatrician when they have a sniffle.”

    I’ve had a sore throat since Thursday. I just kept ignoring it because, well, I can’t get sick; there is too much to do….and if I can’t get sick, my body will obey, right? oh, no….wrong!

    That tea looks SO good and soothing right now!

  9. I’m so sorry you’re ill, Robyn! I hope you get better soon. True story: tea has magical healing properties. When we were living in the UK, I fell down a flight of stairs at work. The first thing the Brits did? Bring me a strong, full of sugar cup of tea. It really did help. I couldn’t help but laugh (maybe some of that was the shock setting in), but it was SO funny that the first thing they knew to do was bring me a cup of tea!

  10. I love tea, and Mighty Leaf Tea especially! Right now I’m drinking the Vanilla Bean. The first time I hated it because I accidentally brewed it too strongly. Now that I have the brew down, I like it. My favorite has to be Organic Earl Gray though. I’m sorry that you’re ill, but drink lots of tea, and add honey (even though it’s horrible to ruin perfectly good tea that way) and you’ll feel better soon!

  11. I love mighty leaf teas. Not only are they of the highest quality, their blends are also really unique. I’d love to win that gift box!

    And feel better soon! I hate being sick for that long.

  12. I can’t afford to get back home to visit the family for the holidays. Christmas morning, I’ll wake up and make my favorite cup of Mighty Leaf Tea and it will all be alright.

  13. I loooove their tea! I tried it for the first time last month when I stayed at a hotel that served it while attending a conference for work. The Markesh mint and the African nectar are divine! 🙂

  14. Tea is important to me, not only for physical reasons but emotional as well. There is nothing like a pretty teapot filled with hot tea to chase away the blues and a sad day. What celebrates a special moment with your daughters, mother and grandmother like a pretty teapot and cups filled with the sweet aroma of your favorite tea. I heart tea!

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