Cardboat Race Preview

Last weekend my family participated in a cardboard boat race that I can’t wait to tell you all about. This is our second year for the boys to compete in the race. Last year, they won for most spirited fan base and I really believe we cheered even louder this year.

Mamas cheering for their boys can get pretty loud, ya know.


I look forward to showing you all of the creative boats from the big day and sharing some of the highlights. I think you are going to love it.


9 comments on “Cardboat Race Preview”

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  2. What a fun event – I’m looking forward to more photos!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with for the cardboard boat race! Thanks for hosting Mingle Monday!

  4. Very cute idea for the boys!I remember how loud my mom and I use to scream at my brothers little league games!

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  6. awesome to see you this weekend at Blogher food. We live so close I hope to see you more often 🙂

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